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  • Platforms: Android 4.4+ iOS 9.0+
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  • Latest Version: 1.13.0

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In Korean publishers, Nexon is always one of the top names. Can not fail to mention like Durango: Wild Lands, Romance of the Three Kingdoms or most recent game Power Rangers: RPG. I am very impressed with the games of Nexon because their games always have high-quality graphics along with extremely interesting gameplay. I did not miss any of this publisher’s games.

Finally, after much waiting time, players can experience the game Master Of Eternity. You will definitely love this game immediately because the whole game revolves around the beautiful girls stepping out of the Anime world.

Beautiful Pixie girls

Master Of Eternity characters 2

In Master Of Eternity, you are a boss of sixteen beautiful girls (the game calls them Pixie). They aren’t just normal girls, each of them is trained and possesses special powers. Every girl represents a modern battle robot. At that time, dark forces were approaching. They intend to invade Earth. Your task is to lead the fighting girls, protect everyone on Earth.

Turn-based gameplay

Master Of Eternity gameplay

The game has a turn-based gameplay. You do not need to manipulate complex operations. Your task is to arrange the girl’s team to create tactics that suit each enemy. The map of Master Of Eternity is quite large. You can design your army into one of the squares in the game. You still can win any opponent even you are weaker.

The game offers a full range of mechanical aircraft and modern robots for you to choose from. You can upgrade robots and equip them with other equipment.


Master Of Eternity characters

Master Of Eternity also has many interesting features for you to explore:

  • Turn-based gameplay: Tactical elements are very important in this game, along with a diverse character system.
  • Engaging story: The story is deep, allowing you to capture a lot of interesting stories about characters.
  • Character decoration: You can customize the character’s appearance by collecting and unlocking the costume while fighting or doing missions. Also, you can decorate the Crew room for the girls.
  • Gameplay Tactics: Each character has different strengths, requiring you to combine creatively to maximize the power you have and counter engaging the enemy.
  • Various modes of attraction: Master Of Eternity has many different modes of play including PvE, Explore the temple, Allied, Real Time PvP.


Master Of Eternity graphics

Master Of Eternity owns 3D graphics combined with an Anime style. There is no lag in the game. The game is easily compatible with many different types of device, giving you the smoother experience. The girls in the game are sexy. Besides, each of the girls is voiced by famous actors and actresses such as Suzaki Aya, Hidaka Rina, … As far as I know, there are 32 cast members in the game. It seems that the publisher Nexon is very keen on the sound of this game.


While many players review the game has not many modes, Master Of Eternity is a game that can not be missed. You can download the game via the links under the article:

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  • Master Of Eternity for iOS App Store
  • Master Of Eternity for Android APK 1.4.9 71 MB