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Modern Combat is an FPS series that is already well-known by Gameloft. The main content in the sections is usually similar to Call of Duty and Battlefield, where the player will transform into a task force to destroy terrorists, complete the tasks assigned. Currently, the series is available in seven versions including Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, Modern Combat: Domination, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Modern Combat 5: Blackout and one more…

Modern Combat Versus (MCVS), the latest in the series, opens up a new revolution in the history of the Modern Combat series, as it is an online version that helps players can participate in 4 vs 4 battles with players from all over the world. Especially this game supports many platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, BlackBerry 10.

Future context

Bringing players to the distant future, when the earth was heavily polluted, nuclear war exploded, and humanity pushed to the brink of extinction. The game will put players in the battle of the two strongest forces: KORP possesses advanced technology and strong financial foundation, they envelop people in advanced cities against the deadly climate of the earth. OCTO, the organization that promotes peace and freedom, wants to overthrow the KORP and give back the freedom of humanity, where there are assemblages of people with special skills where you will join.

Gameplay simple

ModernCombatVersus guide

In the previous version, if the game is divided into two modes of single and multiplayer, this time Modern Combat Versus only focus on the online mode with new context, new gameplay. In it, players will participate in 4 VS 4 battles and must use all the skills that they have to win the other teams. There is no campaign mode, story or task mode, the gameplay of MCVS is similar to Counter-Strike, a famous FPS game on the computer. The ultimate goal is always to kill all players at the enemy team.


Modern Combat Versus Agents

You can choose 1 of 12 special forces to fight. These special forces are called Agents and divided into four classes: Attacker, Defender, Assassin, and Specialist, with both sexes. Players can adjust weapons, skins, symbols and upgrading character.

Modern Combat Versus Agents 2

Each agent has a special ability. For example, Kan, a Defender, can create a defensive dome on the battlefield shielding any teammates standing inside the wall. Mi-Nu, an Assassin, can temporarily speed up and recover health, allowing her to flip past the ranks of the enemy or escape an ambush. Of course, these special skills are not easy to activate, you will need special components to activate it.


Modern Combat Versus map

Modern Combat Versus has five large and unique maps called Apex, Sandstorm, Port, Blackrock, and Slums – where the battle will take place. What you will see on the map is realistic and detailed, amazing because Gameloft uses a completely new Game Engine with the most powerful processing technology today.

Game controls

Modern Combat Versus

The controls in the Modern Combat Versus game are relatively simple: Slide your finger on the left side of the screen to move and slide your finger to the right of the screen to shoot. You can climb the wall as you follow the flashing arrows on it.

Click on the bullet icon in the lower right corner of the screen to reload the bullets immediately, instead of waiting until the gun runs out of ammunition. The game does not support sitting, jumping. You only need to be concerned about moving, shooting and using your special skills.

The controller is so minimal that your gun will automatically fire as long as the target is in your sight. Understandable, because controlling the manual shot mode on the touch screen is extremely difficult, and the phone is not a good device to play FPS like this. Gaming controls make it ideal for casual gamers who do not often play complex games.


Gameloft has been vehemently opposed by gamers before, as Modern Combat 5 has a feature called Power Stack, which make players have to pay for energy to play or play with extremely limited play times every day. This time Gameloft has drawn experience, providing Modern Combat Versus completely free and unlimited number of times played.

Compared to Modern Combat 5, Modern Combat Versus weighs nearly 3 times (2.11 GB) after full unpacking. This game supports a lot of platforms, you can experience free through the link below.

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