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It can be said that Monument Valley is the most worthy mobile puzzle game I have ever played. The game has reached 5 million downloads (according to Google Play) although this is a paid game. Unexpectedly, Ustwo Games has released the second part of the game at WWDC 2017 and immediately gained the attention. I had to immediately buy the game to try it immediately after school, spent all afternoon in the familiar sidewalk every day …

Actually, before that, I never paid for a game, if I had not gotten to know it enough, I would spend some time watching descriptions, screenshots, and YouTube videos before deciding to buy or not buy a game to play. But for Monument Valley 2, that was another story, I did not hesitate to press the buy button without looking at the description or the screenshot because I played the first part before and really love the game. And as a result, I’m not disappointed with $ 5 spent.

Story behind Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 1

From the beginning of the game, the narrative style evoked a lot of curiosity and a mysterious background sound made me so excited. Although it is part 2 of the series, Monument Valley 2 has a completely independent plot, unrelated to the first. The game will bring players into a tiny world, art, and magic.¬†On the journey of Ro and her daughter, you will be accompanied by two main characters going through magical works, paths, solving puzzles to uncover the secrets of Sacred Geometry. Through each level of play, Ro’s children grew more mature and changed through each door. At first, the two characters share a path, but the RO cannot stay with their daughter forever, and then at some point, Ro’s daughter will choose her own path. Ro, too.

I like the way that ustwo games build game characters and express the maternal love of two characters. Occasionally, I have to stop playing because something touches my emotions.

No level can not pass

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The gameplay has not changed much from the first version. In the first game, I feel like the new challenge of version 1. Only afterward, control both characters makes the game different, and the puzzles are starting to get harder.

However, I assert that there is no level that cannot pass. Although in some places, it may take some time to resolve, you will be able to experience its fascinating story. Do not worry, even if you make a mistake, you can still do it again, even if a door is closed, there is another door open.

Control and move

The two main characters of the game can be moved to any desired location by touching it on the screen. In Monument Valley 2, there are several ways that you can change the puzzle environment.

Monument Valley 2

Rotary shafts

You can easily see these rotary shafts thanks to the gears appearing somewhere on the screen. These rotary shafts can connect the structural parts, helping to create the path for you. These rotating shafts will cause illusion for players if not pay close attention, it is difficult to see the way. Note that when the player is standing on the rotary shafts, it will not be possible to change its rotation.


The cubes have a circular symbol on it. These blocks are maneuverable, which can be raised and lowered, opening the path for the character. It makes the game harder when combining with other elements.


In Monument Valley 2, there are two types of buttons that are round and square, when an object or character upper it, the button is activated to open something. Once the button has been activated, it can not be changed. Sometimes there will be a character standing on the button for another character to reach somewhere.

Monument Valley 2 3 4


Finally, a mechanism that can help you is to rely on the kind of plants to get to where you want. By adjusting the door for light to shine, the plant will photosynthesize and grow larger, helping to open the new way.


Monument Valley 2 2

Monument Valley 2 uses the impossibility architecture of the well-known painter Maurits Cornelis Escher to make the game more challenging and illusory for players. The graphics are very simple but designed in a magical way, making the game more magical when combined with the sound.


Monument Valley 2 is a great puzzle game and worth playing. The two most remarkable points of the game are the beautiful graphics and the creative way of unlimited. There are also many great elements as I mentioned above. The game support for two platforms are Android and iOS, if you want to play this fascinating puzzle game, you can download via the links below.

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