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Maybe you know, I am a lonely guy, no lover. Every day, I just make friends with my computer and my phone. So, whenever sad, I go to find an interesting game, help players have the “virtual love” in the game. I don’t know how I found My Apartment Romance. This is a great game of the publisher Genius, bringing you to the love story that you think it is only in the movie or in the comic. Talk about Genius, you can rest assured about this publisher because they have produced many games similar to My Devil Lovers: Romance You Choose or My Strange Girlfriend: Romance You Choose. Whether you have a lover or not, I think My Apartment Romance is a game that you should try once.

Suddenly became manager of the apartment

My Apartment Romance story

You are a new guy who moved to the city. Because of some unexpected happenings, you have to look after an apartment. However, this is not something too unlucky. In this apartment there are three beautiful girls are living. As a man, you have to take care of the apartment, while helping the three girls solve problems in their daily lives. They can’t fix their TVs, refrigerators, plumbing, etc. So, this is an opportunity for you to write beautiful love stories like fairytales. Can you conquer them? Are you a hero, or just another guy? Only you have an answer to My Apartment Romance.

Three beautiful girls, who are they?

My Apartment Romance characters

You may be worry because do not know what the three girls in My Apartment Romance are like? Do not worry, the following is the information of them:

  • Hana: Age: 19, Height: 5 ’35 ”
    This is the youngest of the apartments you manage. She is young, naive and somewhat weird. She like teasing others and she is very comfortable with everything. Besides, Hana is a very talented artist; she loved art since childhood. Especially, she was afraid of thunder, because she lost her family in a storm. Hana is definitely a girl that everyone wants to protect, a dream girl of all boys.
  • Alison:
    The second girl is a gentle girl, a standard girl to be wife. She is very honest and serious. In particular, she is always caring for everyone around her, listening to their stories. Her dream is to own a restaurant because she cooks very well.
  • Piper:¬†
    Piper is a modern girl. She is very strong, independent in life as well as in work. She even owns a company. Piper is often cold with the people around her. She has never dated a guy, and she doesn’t need a relationship. Do you have the courage to break the ice in her heart?

How to conquer them?

My Apartment Romance gameplay

I think the game is similar to How to Get a Girl in 33 Days. Because living in the same apartment, you are often in contact with the girls. Talking humorous, smart to impress them. You can also help them with any kind of work such as repairing plumbing, electronics or taking them to school and company. Every time talk with them, you just choose one of the three answers. Besides, you must also select the actions to handle the situations that the game offers.


My Apartment Romance has Japanese Anime-style graphics, like most other similar games. The girls are very beautiful; you will love at first sight. In particular, the girls are also voiced by the famous actors. Sounds so cute.

Why do I love My Apartment Romance?

If you are looking for an entertaining game, My Apartment Romance is a perfect choice. Not only that, but the game also helps you understand the psychology of women. Are you ready to write your own love story?

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