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I do not think I bought a Tamagotchi when I was young, I even asked my friends for the gaming devices they had no used, replaced the batteries and called them my own. So I had a very fierce childhood with Tamagotchi – a very attractive virtual pet device of the time. If I remember rightly, though the first version was released about 20 years ago, the virtual pet game Tamagotchi has never cooled down.

For gamers of the 8x or 9x generation, the “virtual pets” or Tamagotchi always remind people of a fierce childhood. Tamagotchi is a handheld device that allows gamers to feed virtual pets through a compact device. This game has been warned to be addictive so among us, many people have been reminded by parents or even confiscated equipment so we are not too addicted to this game.

Rounding out the first 20 years since the first Tamagotchi device was released, the game has officially become a mobile game. Bandai, the famous Japanese gaming company, the father of Tamagotchi has announced the 20th-anniversary project that celebrates Tamagotchi was born with a new mobile game called My Tamagotchi Forever, allowing players to raise virtual pets on mobile. According to the information I have, Tamagotchi developed by Paladin Studio, Bandai publishes and will be officially launched next year.

Still familiar with the gameplay

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Like the early versions, My Tamagotchi Forever also has simple but extremely addictive gameplay. You will be choosing Tamagotchi that you love to nurture and care for them until grown up. In addition to feeding, the mobile version also features other unique features such as cleaning the house, bathing, playing and relaxing for the Tamagotchi, ensuring that they will grow healthy and happy.

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Social features, connectivity between players are still being developed by the developers in this mobile version. Players can join mini-games to earn money to buy food, clothing, and dozens of other unique items for his Tamagotchi. In addition, players can also visit the house of friends, play with the Tamagotchi to save the fun and memorable moments.

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New graphics

Unlike the Tamagotchi Classic, My Tamagotchi Forever owns the refurbished graphics in a modern style. You will experience beautiful 3D backgrounds with bright colors. The Tamagotchi is designed lovely, fun …

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Not only portrays the Tamagotchi, My Tamagotchi Forever also reproduces beautifully and honestly the environment and the surroundings. Besides the beautiful graphics is the attractive background music that will bring you new experiences on this game.

Basic features of the game

  • Take care of your Tamagotchi: Feed, wash, clean and turn on the lights, keep them happy and healthy.
  • Play mini-games and explore Tamatown, making friends with other Tamagotchi characters
  • Capture memorable moments, share Tamagotchi pictures with friends
  • Earn money by playing mini games
  • Unlock delicious food, cute costumes and colorful decorations to decorate Tamatown.
  • 3D nice graphics

Download My Tamagotchi Forever APK/IPA right now!

Although there are many new features but you can rest assured, according to developer Tamagotchi 2018 will bring about the same experience as Tamagotchi 20 years ago. The game has appeared on the iOS App Store in Canada, if you want, you can download the game here. For other countries, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, we will have to wait until next year, wait to experience My Tamagotchi Forever APK on both Android and iOS.

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