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On the 8th of March, I will introduce you a very interesting game called Once Upon a Tower. The game is about a beautiful princess. The publisher Pomelo Games has brought us a unique game on both the iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay and graphics of the game are relatively straightforward, reminding me of games of Voodoo or Ketchapp such as Baseball Boy, Splashy. I do not say much anymore, let’s review this game.

A beautiful princess

Once Upon a Tower story 2

A long time ago, there was a princess whose eyes were as bright as diamonds and beautifully like a flower, but she was being held in a tower by a fearful dragon. However, she was not a trivial girl. She had the strength to swing the sledgehammer to rescue herself and did not need the help of the men.

In Once Upon a Tower, you will become the Princess. Your knight has come and died (after the dragon ate him), leaving his hammer – the key to unlocking the door. To liberate, you need to open the path from the top of the tower down. But not so simple…

Many monsters in the tower are very hungry. They will always try to eat you whenever possible. But the princess is a very strong girl. She uses her hammer to protect herself. When she swung her hammer up, the new monsters were the ones which should feel scared.

Escape from the dragon claw

Once Upon a Tower story

On the way to escape, you will have to both defeat a series of enemies, while collecting fireflies to help you keep going. Of course, there will be a lot of pitfalls from the flaming statues and the deadly spikes. As long as you use your hands skillfully, the dragon’s claw will not be able to touch you!

Once Upon a Tower is an Endless Run game. Because the tower is so high, you keep going down until you are trapped by the obstacles in the game. The further you go, the more points you earn. If you unfortunately lose, it is okay. Keep playing until you make the highest record in this game.

Swipe horizontally to move or hammer the enemy, swipe to jump up and down. Simple gameplay that will make you forget to eat and forget to sleep. But after playing a hundred levels, you would probably ask: If our Princess was so strong, what can lock her in this place?

Many funny characters

Once Upon a Tower characters

When you moving, do not forget to pick up the gold coins. They will help you buy other characters in the game. In addition to the beautiful princess, Once Upon a Tower also countless other interesting characters such as knight, ninja, prince, … However, the princess is so beautiful, why should I use other characters

Simple graphics

Once Upon a Tower gameplay

Once Upon a Tower’s 2D graphics are simple, light. However, the game has a special charm. Design the characters are very cute, even the dragon on the top of the tower. Music also contributes to the fun of this game. Besides, the space in the game also changes over time, avoiding boredom when playing.

However, many players complain that the game has quite a lot of ads. You can view the ad to support the publisher. If you want to experience the game smoothly, I recommend disconnecting the Internet as Wifi, 3G, 4G.

Why do I loveĀ Once Upon a Tower?

In short, Once Upon a Tower is really a fun game, very worth playing. After a day playing this game, I was completely addicted to the game because the game is very attractive. Games are suitable for all ages, moreover it is completely free. This game may be one of the most interesting games on the March 8th.

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