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One Piece is a Japanese animated film that brings endless inspiration to the creators of the games. With fans of the famous animated movie “One Piece – Pirate Island” like me, it is no fun more to hear that the publisher Bandai Namco of the cherry country will officially launch super hot game about guy Luffy is called One Piece: Bounty Rush in 2018. And we can all download this game for both platforms Android and iOS.

Surely you are no stranger to the publisher Bandai Namco, the monopoly series of titles based on the storyline One Piece such as One Piece Thousand Storm, One Piece Grand Collection and One Piece Treasure Cruise. Moreover, this game was born on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the comic book One Piece launched readers. So, the gaming community around the world has a reason to wait for another exciting title from the publisher. And One Piece: Bounty Rush is available for free.

The gameplay of One Piece: Bounty Rush

One Piece: Bounty Rush is a fast-paced, immersive action-RPG. Entering the game, you must choose a character before playing. You will be teamed with 7 players in the world in the 4 vs 4 matches. Combat, combine with your teammates to attack enemies and find treasure.
During the battle, collect as many evil fruits as possible for your team. When the time expires, the team that collects more will be the winner. Certainly, you will not be able to collect the devil fruit because the enemy has the same mission as you. Clashes of fire will surely occur during each match. Do not give up when the time is not over, fight to the end and enjoy the victory of match.

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In addition, One Piece: Bounty Rush also has a multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge your friends or any other player. Continuously train skills, thinking tactics for yourself to easily connect the team, bring the team to victory.
Some tips for practicing One Piece: Bounty Rush, when you play Luffy, practice your moves as if you were running around, suddenly bursting into the middle of a team of punches or shooting down the sky to knock down some guys. The enemy with only a few moves. Keep moving to find the opportunity to kill the enemy. Or when playing Zoro, always keep the distance with the enemy just enough so that they can not attack you, and swing the two swords to kill all enemies in front of you. Because you own the sword, the range is much bigger than the opponent.

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There are 5 main classes in One Piece: Bounty Rush includes Fighter, Warrior, Supporter, Shooter, and Swordsman. Each character carries a different power and tactics, requiring you to take some time to get used to. The characters are so familiar with One Piece fans; that Luffy is in the Fighter class, Zoro is in Swordsman’s power, and so on. Also, players have the chance to meet a bunch of well-known characters.

Graphics platform

One Piece: Bounty Rush possesses the animated 3D graphics of One Piece. Smooth, fluid motion effects give the player the ultimate experience. One Piece camera: Bounty Rush allows players to rotate 360 degrees so you can watch the battlefield filled with smoke in as many angles as possible, bringing the real surprise.


The appearance of One Piece: Bounty Rush marks the milestone of Bandai’s four-part release of One Piece. Games like One Piece Treasure Cruise, One Piece Thousand Storm … bring a lot of memories when familiar cartoon characters are revived in a whole new context.

I believe that anyone who is a fan of this animated film will love this great game. One can not deny the appeal of One Piece.

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