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Do you still remember Onmyoji, a famous ARPG that I have introduced to you last time? Now, under the production of NetEase, we can experience this fascinating game in the MOBA style. Based on the original version, this game is called Onmyoji Arena.

NetEase was founded in 1997 by CEO Dinh Loi. After several years of development, NetEase has become one of the leading companies in the field of PC and Mobile game development in China. At present, only NetEase can be the direct competitor of Tencent. Therefore, NetEase games always get the special interest of players.

Traditional MOBA gameplay

Onmyoji Arena gameplay

Onmyoji Arena takes us on a time machine, returning to Japanese Heian period. Here, many fierce battles between angels and devils occur. No matter which side wins, the hardships ones are still ordinary people. They just want to live peacefully. You must destroy the devil, end the war and protect the innocent.

MOBA games are very popular recently. You will be able to enjoy 5vs5 matches, which means you join any team with four other players. Map of the game is divided into three main lanes including top, mid and bottom. In addition, the forest of the game is also very important. The team that manages the forest area will have many advantages over the enemy.

At the start of a match in any MOBA game, usually, the player starts with farm creep. Creeps are giving players a steady amount of money. New players often focus on fighting with enemy generals without skipping farm. This is not good. You should learn to farm creep in the first times. For top players, farm is very important, directly affecting the outcome of the game. If you’ve ever played the original version, you will quickly master this game.

Your skill is not enough, to win a MOBA game, you also need to control the big goals well and coordinate well with teammates. Gown together to create situations to gank, creating a surprise for the enemy. Do you want to become Faker, Bjergsen or Yassuo in this game?

Characters system

Onmyoji Arena gameplay 1

Heroes will be the characters you have encountered in the original Onmyoji. Heroes like Tengu, Ubume, and Ibarakidouji all have their own four skills and two special skills. Each hero matches a certain role in the game, creating a variety of tactics that players explore. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, you need to find out to hack the brain the enemy.

Some new features

Onmyoji Arena has two giant monsters named Orochi and Kraken, in two halves of the map (like Dragon and Baron in League of Legends). These two monsters provide two main spells, it is expected that there will be many battles in here. Also, you can use additional spells such as Ghost, Heal, Flash, or Teleport, etc. Using proper spells is also one of the factors that make a master.

What about graphics?

Onmyoji Arena graphics

The graphics of the game made me feel impressed. Onmyoji Arena has Japanese style, built on a beautiful 3D platform. NetEase takes care it meticulous, not inferior to other mobile MOBA games on the market. In general, you can rest assured about the graphics of the game. You should set the highest graphics to experience the game perfectly.


Onmyoji Arena is really a great game. Fascinating gameplay, impressive graphics and lots of cool features are all that I want to say about this game. Hope that with your support, the game will be more successful in the future. You can download Onmyoji Arena via the links below:

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