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Onmyoji is a Japanese-style ARPG game that is well-known in the Asian gaming market. The game was voted on Facebook as one of the best role-playing games of the year. This game is released by NetEase – a publisher from China; and in Vietnam, the game released by Garena.

And recently, this publisher has officially launched the international version of the game worldwide. This is really good news for everyone, especially who love the game like me. Let’s find out why this game is so expected.


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The plot of the game is set on a very beautiful and fanciful world. If you have seen the anime Sousei No Onmyoji then you will see the game is not strange. Come to Onmyoji you will be taken to a world that exists parallel between two worlds. Here, the cruel war between angels and demons, between evil and good has never stopped. Only the lives of innocent people are the poorest, they just want to live peacefully, peacefully living.

In the midst of a turbulent time, a group of great peoples emerged, destroying the forces of darkness, protecting the peace of the land. The great group is called the Onmyoji, a group of bizarre warriors, witches, mysterious with powers between the two worlds.

I do not talk too much about the storyline and the context of the game, so you should experience it yourself to understand more about the game.


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Enter the game, you officially become a member of Onmyoji. Onmyoji has an addictive RPG action RPG (ARPG) style. First of all, you have to choose a hero to fight. Create a fighting squad by adding extra characters that the game provides. Customize your squad to become the last survivors in this game. You are allowed to move on the large map, and do tasks according to the plot of the game in turn.

In face-to-face encounters with monsters, when it’s your turn, use the skills on the right of the screen to execute the moves immediately. Damaging enemies or protecting your team, all depends on you. But do not forget, you have to control your Soul Power very well if you do not want to fall into a state of inferior mana. Destroy the monsters or complete missions, you will be able to multiply equipment to upgrade your character. The more you play, the more open the plot and you will be able to reveal many interesting secrets.



Character system in Onmyoji relatively diverse. You can easily identify the characters in the anime Sousei no Onmyoji. From Kohaku, Inugami, Kagura, … Bring any character you want to the party by possessing the character’s card. Each person brings different tactics and roles. For example, Inugami has an attacking skill and a sealing skill that shields the entire party from the next enemy skill. Opening stories 3, 5, 7 will help you unlock more characters, increasing the power of your team. In addition, the real characters will take a lot of money to buy, requiring you to play for a long time. In addition, you can upgrade your skills to increase your strength as well as effects.

The game includes 2 game modes

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Onmyoji has two fairly basic game modes that are Story mode and PvP. Pair up, fight other players around the world in PvP mode. Here, your strength and tactics are on the top. Let them see your talent.

Design and Graphics

On the graphics, Onmyoji has great 3D graphics, extremely beautiful, full of mythological combinations of life and a little Anime. The characters are shaped beautiful, cute. The effect of fighting monumental, recreating the landslide war. Plus, you can easily rotate your camera 360 degrees to track battles in multiple angles.

In addition, the sound is one of the most impressive parts of the game. I like the voices of Japanese games, hear very soft and cute.


Basically just that, Onmyoji is attractive in terms of graphics, sound, and gameplay. The game features Japanese and Asian cultures. Although I can not have a detailed review of this game, I myself feel Onmyoji is also great to play.

Currently, the game has not released the official English version, but you can play Onmyoji BETA.

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