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  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
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  • Latest Version: 0.0.9


Not everyone has enough money to spend the money to download official PUBG on their own, the download of PUBG another version is also a solution to release the heat that PUBG is causing. Today I would like to introduce a free game named Operation Freedom released by Coola Games. This game is suitable for low-end phones that can fight, are you ready to destroy all enemies yet?

The last man standing

Operation Freedom

Operation Freedom is just like PUBG. Often you have to play the game alone is probably too boring. Why not try to fight with 40 people playing together? In Operation Freedom, you start with 40 players on an airplane, the player switches to a large island, where the player must survive, fighting the remaining players. Unlike Fortnite Battle Royale, instead of 100 people, Operation Freedom arena was reduced to 40 people. This vast island, as well as many other islands, is surrounded by oceans, with no food or life, or in other words, a deserted island. Here, the survivor will ultimately be the winner, or in other words, the rule of the game is “the last man standing”.

When participating in Operation Freedom‘s survival arena, you will be immersed in the remaining 40 players in which there is no emotional affair whether it is friendship or teammates. Just as my friend said, “Life is necessary, everything else is not important.”

The game is very simple, you will have to destroy all, and vice versa all other players also have to do so to survive and become the last survivor. On this island is not any safe place, if you pay a little attention you will see the safety loop will automatically narrow down gradually over time. This brings you and the survivors closer together, to find the last survivor.

Weapons system is diverse

Operation Freedom weapons

Maybe these games are not strange, but Operation Freedom will definitely make you enjoy the weapons system is extremely diverse. At the beginning of the game, when you get to the ground, the most important thing is not to find someone else to destroy. Don’t be impatient, take the time to look for weapons, ammunition and other equipment for yourself. There are various weapons in the game, which are divided into rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper rifles, Launchers, Melee weapons and grenades, and many different shapes and sizes. But I advise you to use some kind of weapon to better handle the skill.

You will also collect some weapons after killing somebody. Items such as backpacks, protective helmets and armor will give you increased levels of a defence. In particular, vehicles in Operation Freedom will help you get to the place you want quickly. But be careful because moving by means of it will be easy to get noticed. The more you fight, the more material and weapons you will gain, so that you can find the strongest item that suits you. This is an indispensable element of Operation Freedom.


Operation Freedom 1

No matter which smartphone you are using, experiencing Operation Freedom is not difficult. With a size of only 55Mb, the game is aimed at players who own low-profile phones. Although the graphics are not well like PUBG, Operation Freedom is not called bad because the gameplay was so perfect. The publisher’s intent is to target more people than to target highly configurable machines.

Graphics in Operation Freedom with vibrant colours. The small details are also beautifully designed. Take advantage of the depth and power of 3D technology, creating the most realistic combat environment for the mobile platform. The character control keys are scientifically designed, easy to press and neat. You will be fighting, hiding, moving as what PUBG players can do.

The end

If you are looking for a game like PUBG Mobile then why not try this game? Easy to play and can play anywhere, Operation Freedom is worthy of a pocket game for you. Games are always updated to be more complete throughout the experience.

If you play through PUBG, you will feel the unique features of this game. No plot, no mission, your job is to survive as long as possible, just that. The download is free compared to the official PUBG. If you do not own a high-end phone, why not try Operation Freedom once?

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