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Look, do we have any attractive shooters? I can remember names like Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak, Modern Combat Versus, or Shadowgun Legends, for example. These games have nice graphics, but the capacity is quite heavy to play. So many people are looking forward to finding a similar but lighter shooter. Overkill Strike is the game I want to introduce.

Supports both iOS and Android platforms, Overkill Strike is the first light-weight shooting game for every device. Although the gameplay is not much different than the previous shooter game, the game still brings a lot of new points. Through fascinating gameplay, engaging and beautiful graphics, Overkill Strikes has attracted millions of players around the world. Enjoy this RPG by instantly downloading the game to your device.

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Overkill Strikes is a first-person shooter action game in a familiar FPS style. Entering the game, you are transformed into a soldier of the elite task forces. Participate in uncompromising battles in the game. Hold on to the familiar military guns, fight off enemies on the other side of the line and bring glory to your team. Remember, fighting or dying by the enemy does not hold hands with you.

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Your main task in the game is to use the weapons you have to destroy the enemies in your sight. Overkill Strikes divide players into two Terrorist and Terrorist-Counter force, which are quite similar to Point Blank. You have the right to choose one of the two factions to fight the remaining faction. Each side has different costumes. Terrorists will wear bright colors, and anti-terrorists wear darker colors. Each player will be equipped with a main weapon, an auxiliary weapon, a melee weapon and a grenade launcher. Properly use your weapons to destroy as many enemies as possible, leading the Overkill Strikes.

Besides, Overkill Strikes also gives players some other game modes. Fight 40 players with 20 in each of the most intense battles. Overkill Strikes has up to 20 per team in battlefield maps, promising to bring the most realistic experience to the player. I hope that the publisher will be updating many attractive games in the upcoming updates.

Overkill Strike game modes


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Overkill Strikes’ weaponry system is extremely diverse with more than 50 types of military guns, powerful and sophisticated weaponry. From the M4A1, AK74, the familiar Scar-Light to the cool Sniper like AWM, and heavy Shot-guns. Next to it is a series of pistols, melee, and grenades with powerful force. Try to defeat as many enemies in each battle as possible to earn as much money as possible. Use the money to buy the Weapon in the Shop of the game. There are also many accessories such as helmets, armor or accessories to upgrade weapons that you own.


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After the experience, I see Overkill Strike has a good quality 3D graphics, the movement of the character smooth. The gunshot, the scream of the player when hit by bullets, are released in the most detailed way, giving a genuine feeling of surprise when playing.

I feel that the controller of the game slightly difficult to control the character in the most smooth, it takes a while to be able to control the flexibility. But we can not ask for too much because with only a few tens of megabytes; the game can hardly reach the optimal level as the games mentioned at the beginning of this article.

It’s time to download Overkill Strike

After a very enjoyable experience playing Overkill Strike, I judged that this is one of the most rewarding shooters in the last days of the year. Do you want to be one of the best gunmen?

If you want, you can download the game Overkill Strike through the link below. I am quite happy because the game is very light and can be smoother on some low-config phones; It also supports more than 20 languages in the world.

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