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  • Platforms: Android 4.3+ iOS 8.0+
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  • Latest Version: 1.0.8

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Have you seen the movie series The Transporter or Fast And Furious? In these films, the protagonist is often a good criminal (Frank Martin and Toretto Dominic), using his car to confront police and other gangs. That so cool. Are there any games that allow you to do that? Let me introduce you to PAKO 2.

PAKO is a fun new racing game developed by Tree Men Games in 2014. The game has a unique gameplay style. After four years of development, part 2 of the game has been greatly improved in both graphics and gameplay. However, one thing is unchanged, that is the car lost brakes.

Speed gangs

PAKO 2 Graphics

In real life, robbery is very bad, and people who do this often go to jail. However, this is quite the opposite when you play this game. In PAKO 2, you continue into the role of a crazy driver, controlling a car without brakes. This game has no room for fear. You can not stop, there is no other way than to continue to accelerate, driving avoid all obstacles along the way. On highways with lots of vehicles going in the opposite direction, you have to be skilful overcome everything. Just a little collision, you also pay the price. When you collision, if you do not want to play again from the beginning, you can pay to continue playing.

Along the way, blue and red arrows will appear. You need to follow the arrows to complete the task. Those arrows take you to the banks or places to rob a lot of money. Pick up the other robbers and escort them to safety. That is why the police chase you. Over time, the number of police arrives even more. Not only do they chase away, they use guns to knock you down. Anyway, you’re finally arrested, so you go as far as you can.

PAKO 2 has endless gameplay combined with pass the stage. Each stage, the faster the car runs and the more police. In addition to the police, your enemy is time, the clock is counting down. It’s the only thing that assesses your driving. You need to keep going forward to establish a record score.

Upgrade the car, why not?

PAKO 2 cars

PAKO 2 also allows you to use a gun to attack the police or your followers. This also helps you to break the siege and escape. But you are alone, and they are very crowded, so you should focus on driving more to earn as many points as possible. You can unlock or upgrade your weapon in the game’s store. Also, you can also buy new vehicles. These vehicles are not famous brands. Actually no brand at all. But maybe you will like it.

Impressive design

PAKO 2 gameplay

The biggest change to the first part that you can quickly recognise is the graphics. In PAKO 2, you experience more roads, more maps. The image of the game is meticulous care, sophistication plays an important role in the success of this game. The effect when the car is explosive look so monumental.


Overall, PAKO 2 is a simple game, but super difficult. After each race car is the tragic fate of the crazy driver when police arrested or collided with other cars. However, you do not feel sad, but rather fun. You can download the game through the links under this article. Also, if needed, also has MOD Money version for you to experience.

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