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  • Platforms: Android 6.0+ iOS 9.1+
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  • Size: 30 MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0.17


The FPS shooter game has been referred to by the gaming community as a “copy of the Overwatch” that has now been officially released to gamers around the world as the name Paladins. It has been labeled “clone overwatch version”, but it cannot be denied the hot and very attractive Paladins in the PC, which is directly competing with many other FPS games.

Following up on that success, Hi-Rez Studios has decided to develop this iconic shooter game combined with the MOBA style mobile game platform. And recently, Paladins Strike has been officially released, supporting both iOS and Android. The game promises to re-enact the climactic atmosphere as high as the other games have ever done. Download Paladins Strike on the machine to get into the most intense gun battles, knock down opponents and win the pinnacle of victory.

MOBA style gameplay

First, when you enter the world of Paladins Strike, you are immersed in the battlefields filled with fire and bombs of 5vs5 battles. This is quite similar to other MOBA games.

Paladins Strike gameplay

The rules of Paladins Strike are very simple. Each player controls a character that they pick before the start of a match in a 10 player game. Each side of the lane consists of the main house and many other important points that players need to protect.

Paladins Strike will be divided into lanes, players should reasonably divide their positions. Try to kill the enemy facing their way and destroy the buildings, the important points of the opponent. And as usual, the game will end when one of the main houses is destroyed. Try to fight to the last drop of blood in your house.

Many game modes

Paladins Strike 5vs5

In addition to the traditional MOBA mode, where battle counts are always on the top, Paladins Strike also has other enjoyable modes that are equally fierce. It is the battle for you to bring the team to victory. You will be free to exercise the skill, “knock” as much as possible.

If you died, it is not all. Keep fighting until the battle is over. Paladins Strike is full of exciting game modes such as Co-op and Arena. Practice your skills, tactics to achieve the highest possible rank in this game. Also, if you want to practice your skills alone or simply test the hero, the battle mode with the AI is not a bad idea at all.


Paladins Strike character

If you played through the Paladins Strike PC version called Paladins, then you will surely feel that Paladins Strike’s extremely popular character system. You will be able to experience 15 Heroes with fully customizable skills and abilities, which are tailored to the various tactics of the team.


Paladins Strike has beautiful 3D graphics with smooth motion effects. The combat effects in the game are also extremely beautiful, making you want to fight fatigue.

The interface and operations in the Paladins Strike are quite similar to the hot MOBA game – AoW. Control mechanism with the virtual keypad and virtual joystick, appropriately arranged will take you very little time to get familiar with the operation in the game.


Paladins Strike APK Mod brings players new experiences combining the first-person shooter with MOBA. Although this game supports both iOS and Android platforms, I recommend you play in devices with a large screen like iPad to be able to experience the game perfectly. You can download Paladins Strike at the links below the article (including APK file).

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