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Every people need labour that can survive. Whether you are a president or a farmer, you also need to work hard every day to create products that serve your daily life. With students, you are probably no stranger to part-time jobs. These jobs just help you earn money, do not affect much to study. However, we are talking about… the Earth. What about other planets?

Part Time UFO is a unique and novel product of the publisher HAL Laboratory. We are all too familiar with this publisher; this is the father of a series of famous games like Kirby, Super Smash Bros. Today, this game we introduce you are very interesting.

New theme

Referring to alien-themed games, we often think of action games fighting with aliens, protect theĀ Earth like Battle Team. However, Part Time UFO is not like that. Not at all. In this game, you will become a funny, cute alien UFO. During the trip down to Earth, UFOs also have to work, helping people to make money to cover life. Because he is a hard worker, this guy is loved by everyone. Perhaps the publisher of HAL Laboratory deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for this unique game.

What’s the interesting about this game?

Part Time UFO gameplay

As a UFO guy, you have to control this UFO guy doing everyday tasks. Part Time UFO has a very special and fun control mechanism, just like the UFO catcher that you usually play in the amusement park. Your mission is to control flying UFOs, control UFO Catcher to pick up the necessary items, fly to the place and put them down in the right place. In turn, arrange all the goods in each level, you can overcome and conquer the next level. Because the time limit of your narrowed down to next level, you should complete the level as fast as you can. If not, you will have to play again.

UFOs can do everything in the world. From the construction, catering, farm work, even animal managers. When playing a Part Time UFO, you are travelling to different locations. Work it yourself, making money from that is the best feeling ever.

Are you wondering what we can do with the money? Use them to upgrade accessories for the UFO guy. A series of eye-catching, fun-filled, full-colour creations are waiting for you to unlock in the store. Even if it’s an alien, the outward is pretty important.

Control mechanism

The game’s control mechanism is quite easy. You just swipe the device screen to control the UFO, then touch the UFO to use the UFO catcher. Simple but not easily. Control the UFO in a rhythmic way, as skillfully as possible to conquer this game. Even if you lose, it does not matter. You are allowed to play many times until you pass the new game. More clever, achieving higher scores in Part Time UFO, thereby conquering a series of noble titles. You can show your scores to friends through social networks.

Part Time UFO gameplay 2

Classic graphics

Part Time UFO owns the graphics in simple, classic Pixel format. Perhaps because it made by the same publisher, the game’s graphics are similar to Kirby, one of another game of HAL Laboratory. Shape, character expression in the game extremely cute, fun. Look at the UFO guy awkwardly in the process of work you can laugh all day. Besides, the sound of the game also contributed to the most fun for players.

Should You Play Part Time UFO?

Not simply a leisure game, I find Part Time UFOs worthy of indispensable games on mobile devices. The game is fun, suitable for all ages. In-game items are sold at no cost to you, guaranteeing your best experience. Currently, the game is sold for $ 3.99 on both iOS and Android operating systems.

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