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A sharp knife, even if it is sharp, needs some time to sharpen. Our memory, too, is to handle complex tasks that require a sensitive brain. No need to worry anymore Peak will be the application that helps you maintain that acumen.

Developed by Brainbow, the application called Peak – Brain Training brings you a myriad of brain training games. Peak consists of more than 40 exciting short and easy-to-break games. This game is designed for all ages especially for memory training and intelligence for children very well.

Brain Thinking

peak brain games and training apk

The mini-games in Peak will be the place to assess your ability to remember, solve problems and help you develop concentration and ability to think quickly. The game will not make you feel frustrated after the failure. After each test, you will receive a “brain score” that will help you grasp your positive points and shortcomings.

There are many levels of difficulty that make you feel bored when playing a game. Many levels and items are waiting for you to unlock to give you more motivation for brain training. Ability to test foreign languages including new words. Challenges and solving Mathematical logic consists of small models and problems that are not difficult but useful. Peak – Brain Training also can check your Memory for example: For the available points you have to memorize them for 3 seconds, then they will disappear, and you have to paint them so.

Highly entertaining

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Peak – Brain Training also allows you to challenge other players of the same age. Do not play alone, let your friends play together to add the ability to compete for score together. To determine who is the winner, Peak will give the score after every table.

The application will automatically adjust to your results, as well as changing your workout habits from every day needs to daily tasks. After school, you only need to spend 15 minutes each day to play with your friends. Play these mini-games every day if you want the brain to develop and feel the change from the results.

I am very interested in these puzzle games. It is not difficult to overcome, but it also helps me learn new words in English, solve logic problems, and practice my memory correctly. Start with the easy gameplay and then get harder, challenge the ability to solve problems and push you further.

Using the help of a trainer, it will be the personal trainer for your brain. Good suggestions for you from the personal trainer will be right for you at the right time. Boost your skills to the maximum, or you can do it in context, like Coffee Break if you’re short on time. Helps you track your progress by using the results you achieve.

Simple design

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The game uses a simple but science-based design, which divides the types of exercises for the player. Since this is a puzzle game, there is nothing worth mentioning. Design easy-to-choose items and increase interactivity with players to deliver exciting experiences. And especially the game does not contain nasty ads appear on the screen.


Like Fight List 2 and other puzzle games, Peak РBrain Training APK gives players hours of fun without losing interest. Train your brain to increase sensitivity. Peak will not make you a genius, but every moment you spend on this game is extremely valuable.

This game is currently supported on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. You will have great entertainment moments when you download the free app at the link below. Try to train yourself with Peak.

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