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Konami is a famous Japanese publisher with many blockbuster games on every platform. They have won a lot of gamers around the world, especially in sports games. Recently, Konami announced their new game project, a football management game that attracts a large number of football fans who want to build their favorite teams on the phone. Pes Card Collection (PESCC): new and exciting, this game has reached nearly 2 million downloads on Googe Play in just 3 days after release.


As the name implies, “PES Card Collection“, when participating in the game, you must collect the cards of famous football players around the world to pair into the most powerful team, the most perfect. At the same time, you can watch the player training sessions and develop your squad, devise strategies to be able to complete the task. When the team is strong enough you can get your team involved in online matches, test your leadership, and strategy with other players around the world.



Each card is a player or carries a different feature, your task is to collect the player cards from many famous teams such as Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal, as well as the players from clubs around the world. You also have to train them to become superstars, build into a perfect team with unique tactics to be able to participate in online matches and beat the other players. When you win you will receive items, which can be used to improve the player stats or to sign contracts with other famous players.

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Especially with the new Elevens Match feature, you can fully participate in building a full team of 11 players to compete with other teams. That means you will have to work with 10 other players around the world to create a team of eleven and play the match in real time. Even though the match is automatic, you can still look at the match as an audience or manager.

One of the best ways to test your team’s progress is to join the matches with other players. In Pes Card Collection you can play those matches whenever you like in real time. You can also participate in championship matches at the same time. In the matches, you will meet strong opponents you have not met before that you can compare strategy and learn strategies from other opponents.

Intelligent communication

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Pes Card Collection will connect you together with players across the world so it will also create a smart language for people to communicate with each other. By using unique stickers you can easily communicate with people quickly and conveniently.


Using data from the PES game project, the matches in Pes Card Collection are designed on a vivid 3D platform. Players are immersed in the emotional strain of the game and easily express their emotions through the unique stickers. This allows you to feel the joy of victory as well as the sadness of losing the battle. Pes Card Collection has been a success when it comes to providing an authentic feel to the players that make them feel like they are playing a real game where there are stars that they admire.


Pes Card Collection is a pretty sports game that is presented in the form of cards in beautiful 3D space and the good language of communication. Especially it is a free game compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. PES is a game that is no stranger to many generations of gamers, but playing PES in the style of collecting cards and building team players is not known much. Pes Card Collection is something that is attractive, dramatic and offers unprecedented experience.

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