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Phantom Chaser is a game developed by Netmarble in 2014 with the original name is Yokai Saga. However, this game has never been introduced anywhere except in Korea and Thailand, until the release of Floppy Games worldwide on November 21. Phantom Chaser is available for download in many country in the world, and the game will takes game players on an epic fantasy adventure.


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Discover the world of Phantom Chaser, players have the opportunity to admire a colorful world with the presence of many different races. From goblins, summoned beasts to pretty little goblins that are cute enough to live in harmony with each other. However, evil monsters are planning to summon the Master of Destruction to dominate the human world through open space. So players will control a group of heroes to learn and stop this dark plan.

Nice gameplay

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And to save the world, players can collect more than 130 Phantoms with their own special set of skills. Similar to other games on mobile, you will be able to see the familiar features such as plowed material, grafting, upgrading, etc. Or even the Arena is not much different.

The characters in the game are divided into three main types of class, including Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. And of course, it also follows the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” mechanism, which means that a class will overwhelm other class. Just remember that Strength will overwhelm Dexterity, Dexterity overwhelms Intelligence, and Intelligence overwhelms Strength, with the power to overcome your opponent easily.

In a normal game, a squad consists of 6 members with 3 main characters and 3 sub characters. The main characters are those who directly move and control the use of basic skills while passing the stages. Also, the secondary character will allow the main character to borrow strength to increase some basic stats (damage, defense or attack speed). But more specifically, they will allow teammates to simulate themselves to use their unique skill.

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I can say that this is one of the nice and unique features that make it weirder than the games available on the market. Each character will provide a different skill and stats, so players will need to think carefully so that they can use the full power of the team. In addition, each hero can also be controlled according to the location indicated, allowing players to drag the character out of danger zone.


Not only possessing unique gameplay, this game also has another element that players cannot ignore that is the graphics are beautiful. Floppy Games gather members who have already designed Dragon Nest and Dungeon Strike, so graphics is a strong point of this game. Characters are designed in the form of chibi extremely cute, plus the graphics in the game is equally impressive.

Each time you use the simulation or skill, the strength of Phantom Chaser is quite obvious, it is very beautiful graphics. But if you are a simple player and do not want to be confused, you can turn off in the settings.

Despite the beautiful graphics and cute, but the game also has some limitations. For example, when driving a character who wants to move where, if accidentally blocked by the teammate, the character will only run around without attacking. If the player does not notice, this will inadvertently allow the monster to have more time to attack and bleed the character.


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As for the above strengths, even though I’m a fanboy of computer games with beautiful graphics, but I cannot resist the charm of the Phantom Chaser. Well-equipped graphics, beautiful gameplay, as well as features that support many languages quite clearly, perhaps this will be a pretty heavy bomb for mobile games in the world.

Phantom Chaser supports both Android and iOS (Requite Android 4.1 or later, iOS 7.0 or later), you can download via the links below:

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