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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3+
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  • Latest Version: 1.0.0


Recently, Pitaya Network of China has officially launched the game title APRG tight hacking called Pocket Knights 2 in the form of Free-to-play on the Android operating system. This is a global version of the game so players can freely download the experience without any difficulty.

Accordingly, Pocket Knights 2 is the next version of the Pocket Knights game with gameplay and 3D graphics upgraded to new heights. The game brings a colourful magic world together with unique fantasy travels. With the gameplay changing to the action-packed “Hack N Slash” style and impressive 3D graphics, the Pocket Knights 2 promises to give players an immersive experience.

The plot of Pocket Knights 2

Pocket Knights 2 apk

Dragon is a close-knit fantasy in western and eastern culture. You will probably like a game that has the appearance of mythical dragons. Set in a kingdom threatened by the dragon’s power due to the barrier wall has been destroyed, the player plays the soldiers to explore the secrets of prehistoric times, find Starcraft treasure to restore Kingdom and defeat the evil dragons.

Combination gameplay

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Pocket Knights 2 apk 3

Pocket Knights 2 combines action elements with the familiar role-playing style PRG with slightly 100 heroes. Each hero has the appropriate skills for each position in the team. The game also has a hack ‘n’ slash hack that is easy to control by touching the sides of the smartphone screen to move the character and hit the attack.

Like many other APRG titles, Pocket Knights 2 allows players to control up to three heroes at the same time to fight, try to pass through dungeons full of monsters to level up heroes, pick up accessories and raw. Especially to be able to strengthen the team’s combat strength as high as possible. Each level in the game is divided into three phases, and you will have to combine the combo to pass all three sections in each gate.

Apart from content and gameplay, Pocket Knights 2 also features the basic features of an MMO such as PvP in Arena mode, or join the guild and with friends through the most difficult rounds with the reward. Rare types of equipment. In addition, the task system in the game is also very diverse waiting for players to explore.


Pocket Knights 2 apk 4

The design of Pocket Knights 2 is quite good. This game uses the 3D engine platform for all the great details in the game but has not reached the perfect level like blockbuster games of the same type. However, if you are a person interested in the plot experience, the design of Pocket Knights 2 is also acceptable.

Join this exciting ARPG 3D to explore the hundreds of quests and activities in Pocket Knights 2. Build powerful items, collect heroes for yourself and rob treasures in the hands of powerful bosses. Best. The new adventure just started, do not miss this game.

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