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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3+ iOS 8.0+
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Point Blank: Strike is an attractive shooter game that released by NEXON on both Android and iOS platforms. This game allows players to engage in real-time epic battles. Point Blank is a collaboration between Nexon and Zeppeto, a mobile game developed directly from the source of the PC version.

I’ve tried this game myself and it is insanely awesome game. It has very good game controls with many other settings. It is real time 4 vs. 4 firefights.


Like other FPS games as Modern Combat Versus, or Shadowgun… It has tons of weapons available for us, which can be unlocked through free chests or even some achievements.

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The main screen of any game will always be the first impression when you try a new game. You can clearly understand the whole game in short time because the home page describes you everything and you should figure each and everything on your own. You will be granted with a training period so that you can play the game easily.

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And for Point Blank: Strike, the graphics quality is pretty good. This game is not only the details, many effects, but the movement of the character is also very smooth.

Interestingly, what you see in Point Blank: Strike resembles 90% of the Point Blank PC interface. Surely this game will make fans of Point Blank feel amazing and crazy.

It has good graphics with a clear battleground. We can fight with both bots or players from other places by being a team.

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You can experience the fun of different game modes according to your wish. Each mode has its own rules and is full of real-time firefight.

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Not only this much you can join the clan and fight for the victory along with your clan. It would be of great help for beginners.

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Not only this much you have a variety of characters to choose upon. You can choose any characters here and play the way you want. There is no much compulsion in this game on which character or mode you want to play.

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You will be granted with free chests and gifts in certain amount of time regularly where you can get new and cool gadgets to use on the fight. You will be provided with daily missions to be finished which are very interesting and awesome.

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There are varieties of setting changes which you can use to make yourself comfortable. You can change the graphics quality to the highest to enjoy the game more but lower graphics is almost same so you can choose any according to your wish and device compatibility.

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You can check out the rankings as well and can reach the leader board. There are many fields of leader board so the chance of entering one of them is probably high. You need to complete at least 50 games to enter the Echelon ranking. There are other rankings as well.

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The game is so fun because of its one shot one kill game-play. By using various weapons you can easily get the kill by just one shot.

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You shall be happy because this game is not time consuming as well. If you are dead then you will be re-spawned in just few seconds so there is no need of waiting after getting killed.

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After the completion of match, you will be rewarded with exp, gold and many more so you can be profitable not just by chests or gifts but also with the help matches played.

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In a nutshell, Point Blank: Strike is worth playing. This game supports both iOS and Android platforms so you can play anywhere you want, with a network connection. Can you download the game Point Blank: Strike to your device to test and see if it is as great as what I write or not?

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