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The latest Pokemon GO APK has been available on both the Android and iOS operating systems for a long time, but until today we have the opportunity to talk about this game. It is known that the game Pokemon GO APK developed by Niantic, with strong investment and support from Google and Nintendo (The owner of Animal Crossing). Let’s take a look at the unique features of the virtual reality online game Pokemon GO this.

Pokemon GO is a very realistic Pokemon-themed game; Pokemon GO is different from all other titles of the same genre because it uses the camera and sensors on your smartphone in combination with the algorithms. Based on location to place Pokemon into the real world. You will be able to catch Pokemon when walking around in the city, around your village and then you can train them and fight with your friends’ Pokemon in the practice rooms like in movies and stories. Can say that Pokemon GO is the game that laid the foundations for today’s AR technology.

Pokemon came to the world

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu and many other Pokemon have been discovered on our planet Earth. This is your chance to discover and collect the Pokemon around you and start exploring the world. Join one of the three teams and start to fight with your Pokemon in Pokemon GO.


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Once you download Pokemon GO, you will be given a choice of male or female gender for yourself, choosing details such as hair colour, skin colour, clothing, bags, shoes … Then you can choose one of the three available Pokemon. Then, you go around to find a Pokemon; you throw the Pokemon ball to catch it.

Your task is to raise, train and develop Pokemon and control them to explore the real world where there are different environments like hills, plains, water, grasslands. You can catch water Pokemon in ponds, lakes, rivers, and coasts. Just like the grass system in rice fields, Pokemon rocks in the mountains. Target and throw Poke Ball to collect them. When you level up, you can collect more powerful Pokemon to complete the Pokédex. You can add to your collection by feeding your Pokemon eggs.

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You can buy items such as eggs or Pokeball in PokeStops. The interesting point is that these virtual stores will be located in interesting locations, so to play Pokemon GO you can not just stay home and control the Pokemon. The game requires you to move a lot, Pokemon battles between players will take place in the jungle, and the training areas will be placed in controlled positions.


When Charmander develops into Charmeleon and Charizard, the player can fight on the Gymnasium and instruct you Pokemon to defend your forces.

Implemented Pokemon Appraisal: Pokemon GO Trainers can learn about the defensive and defensive skills of each Pokemon from Team Leader (such as Candela, Blanche or Spark) to determine which Pokemon possess the potential to fight in the Gym.


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There is a contrast here. If in Magikarp Jump of Nintendo, only Magikarp then Pokemon GO brought the number of Pokemon extremely large and divided into different systems.

Each type of Pokemon has Combat Power (CP) and Hit Points (HP). HP stats can be lost during combat, protecting GYM. Also, each Pokemon’s CP is different and determines the combat strength of each type in the game. For example, you have two Eevee warriors, but not sure that their CP is the same.

My thought

To play Pokemon GO on Android or iOS, you must enable GPS positioning and move. As a game with a new way of playing, friendly when players have to move constantly, not sit still, the game will help you have more health. You can also buy a $ 35 bracelet to play games without unlocking your phone.

With the new gameplay in the game, hope Pokemon GO will be a game that has a great influence on the game community and the whole world. Does the appearance of the game make a “shock” in the gaming world? And in fact, how will the gameplay? Download the latest version of Pokemon GO APK and experience. The game has support for most countries.

I think you will like this game so I will post tutorials playing the game on PC and some tips tomorrow.

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