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Delivery is probably one of the jobs that you will go the most, with the daily task of carrying the package to the receiver everywhere. What do you think of the game about the shippers? I’m going to talk about a game related to delivery, this is a game called Postknight, developed by Kurechii, a Malaysian developer.

As one of the most prominent games this week, Postknight is different from the rest and is quite fun. This game has won my heart, it brings a small pocket version of an RPG, cute graphics and many attractive features.


Transformed into a mail delivery man

Delivery at Kurestal – A distant western kingdom that contains many dangers. There are villages, towns that are far apart, separated by forests, the deserted paths often appear strange creatures willing to attack people passing by. Only the most brave knights dare to take on this dangerous work, with the desire to connect people and to destroy the dangers.

Become a Postknight – delivery knight, you will be taking on one of the hardest jobs. You will be taking part in endless long journeys, exploring the culture of each area, fighting and destroying the most dangerous monsters, and meeting new friends while exploring the kingdom of Kurestal and other distant lands.


Postknight 2
You will encounter cute monsters like this …

Designed in an adventure role-playing style, you’ll have to pick up quests for the suburbs and kill monsters along the way so you can continue to move to the next location. Your knights will automatically move and attack enemies, you only need to control the three skills of the character: attack forward, defense, and heal each when the blood bar is low. This control is not completely automatic, does not bother the player and can be easily done with one hand, this is true for the criteria of a compact game to be able to play even when you are moving.

Through each stage, you will collect trunks that can open up gold, jewels, and other essential items. When you arrive in the village, you can go to the market and buy the necessary items such as weapons, pharmaceuticals, etc. as well as upgrade your belongings. It will also include additional quests here for you to complete.

Character development

Postknight upgrade
Upgrade equipment

The character has a level development system and the attributes consists of 4 main attributes. Each time you level up, you can choose one of these four attributes to develop your character. Not only that, you can also upgrade your weapons at the blacksmith shop. When upgrading weapons and armor, the appearance of the character will change, as the upgrade, the stronger the weapon and of course will make you beautiful, more majestic. In order to upgrade weapons and armor, you will need to collect some rocks and have gold coins for the cost.

During the game, you will receive items and items that will be stored in the bag. The bag will contain everything you have.


Postknight 3
Send gift to a girl

One thing that makes me feel so much better about Postknight is that you can flirt with the girls you meet on the street. You can chat with them, give gifts to increase the level of affection. These NPCs are very nice and nice, often helping you with tasks, upgrades and sometimes even gifts.


On the graphics side, I like the bright, colorful colors of Postknight. This game is a combination of western medieval and Japanese chibi, bringing the feeling of sweet, gentle but also very attractive. Beautiful paintings, small details such as clothing, houses, and equipment are carefully polished to make the game more interesting and beautiful.


I feel like this game has nothing to complain about, even if it is a leisurely game but the game will still require some calculation in you if you want to develop your character. This game has brought the core of an RPG into a simple-to-play game. That’s why I say that Postknight is a pocket game.

The game supports both Android and iOS mobile platforms, you can download the game on your device to play now.

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