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When I was young, I was a real fan of Power Rangers film series. I can spend the entire weekend just to watch the episode again; the superhero is not bored. And especially not to mention the superhero toys that I want parents to buy it. And now, with the latest release from Movegames called Power Rangers Dash, we can find some of our childhood through fun gaming moments.

Based on the superhero series Power Rangers

Speaking of superhero-themed titles, we can think of action games. And Power Rangers Dash is no exception. As I see, Power Rangers Dash story is quite simple, but the game retains the typical characteristics of this hit series. You will see the characters or monsters of the Power Rangers movie series, and the characters are very attached to our childhood.

Power Rangers Dash

In this game, you not only control a character. You will control up to 3 characters who are three different superheroes. In addition, the game possesses countless characters from various superhero groups such as Operation Overdrive, Mystic Force or Wild Force and much more.

Each superhero has different strengths and special abilities. There are people far off, some people hit near, some people holding shields … This requires you to pair the scientific team to create harmony in tactics, defeat all enemies blocking the road. Earn money after each match so you can unlock your favourite characters. Not only that, but Power Rangers Dash also has a unique system of special coins. This system will help you to maximize the power that superheroes in your team.

Power Rangers Dash 2

RPG gameplay, overcome stages

Power Rangers Dash 3

If in the gameplay of Power Rangers Morphin Missions are the chapters of the plot, Power Rangers Dash gameplay is through the stages combining endless run characteristics. The control system in the game is very simple. You only need to control two actions: jump and attack to control the superheroes in each battle. Because the control defaults to the characters, so you do not have to worry about moving characters. Continuously move, fight with all enemies that are trying to destroy you. You can only cross the stage when you complete the task of the game.

When playing, you should note the enemies have special skills to ease in dealing with them. If you let the superheroes bleed, the game ends, and you are the loser. Countless bosses with tremendous power are waiting for you at the end of each level. But do not worry, when you have enough power, your superheroes will combine into Super Robot Megazord, can wipe the map in just a moment. However, just call Megazord when it is really necessary. In addition, Power Rangers Dash also designed a variety of additional items along the way. Take advantage of these items to make it easier to conquer the highest levels. Especially, you can show your record scores to friends through the Game Center system or social networks.

Simple, beautiful design

Power Rangers Dash 4

The game has beautiful 3D graphics, but not too picky. Characters are designed in cute chibi style, flexible in motion. The effects are very smooth, bringing a fun experience for players. In particular, you can see the smoke and dust effect when fighting or moving. In addition, the sound system in Power Rangers Dash is extremely powerful.


If you are a real fan of the Power Rangers series, Power Rangers Dash is a game you should not miss. This game will help you return to childhood with interesting details. You can participate in this game by downloading the original version or Power Rangers Dash APK MOD (Unlimited Coins) to your device.

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