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At the time of release, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars was impressed, thanks to a fighting game featuring characters from nearly every episode of Power Rangers (5 Power Ranger) pictures and widescreen. But this game is still lacking something attractive. Something is huge, epic.

Fortunately, the developers will not betray the fans’ expectations in the latest update to the game. Now, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has added Megazord battles (the Power Rangers’ giant robot).

Even if you have publicly identified yourself as a Power Rangers fan, your fun will not be complete without the great battles. The bad guys summon the monster taller than a 30-story building and your superheroes join forces to form the Megazord, and the two fight together.

The battle between justice and evil

Power Rangers Legacy Wars gameplay

The space witch Repulsa was infested by Morphin Grid. It has created virtual monsters that are programmed to resemble the Power Ranger to fight for themselves. Along with that, other villains also take advantage of the opportunity to attack. Earth is threatened by the bad guys. What would people think when seeing the fake “Power Rangers” doing bad things? What will Power Ranger do to keep protecting people, when people no longer trust them? Only you can answer in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

You will like

Power Rangers Legacy Wars robot

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars lets us live our dream of fighting the kaiju monster. Do you have the ability to control Dino Megazord or Thunder Megazord? Or do you want to play the villain and transform into the tall monster Mega Goldar from the first generation episodes?

The new update also adds a number of points to the game, including new locations, edited battle mechanics, and new Power Rangers. Maybe are you really looking forward to the Megazord wars? Prepared to not be overwhelmed!

In addition to the robots, you can unlock new Power Rangers. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has up to 40 Power Ranger appearances in movies or TV shows. You will definitely like it. They are all classically designed, sticking to the original version. Along with that, you also meet the familiar villains, come from many different universes. You will feel like you are back in your childhood after playing this game.

Simple gameplay

Power Rangers Legacy Wars characters

In the game, your squad consists of a Power Ranger leader and two Power Ranger supporters. When you fight, they will always side by side Power Ranger leader to create amazing power. There are three skills in the form of cards to choose from. Because they have cooldown time, you have to use it effectively. You can swipe the screen to steer the Power Ranger to move, sometimes this will help you escape from enemy attacks. Do not forget to collect special boxes after the game. They will give you money along with the opportunity to unlock new characters.


Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has very nice and subtle 3D graphics. Create a character that resembles the original, providing a great experience for you. If you love Power Ranger, this is a game that you should try

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