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For most gamers, maybe everyone has been seen Power Ranger movies since childhood. Me too. There are many Power Ranger series that I watch a lot but not bored. Although I am grown up, I still have old Power Ranger movies and old models.

In particular, I was always fascinated by superhero-themed games. Games like Power Rangers Morphine Missions or Power Rangers Dash I can play a lot without feeling bored. Recently, after hearing the news that publisher Nexon has just released a great RPG game called Power Rangers: RPG, I immediately download and play. The following will be the review of this game.

Familiar plot

Power Rangers RPG gameplay 2

In general, the plot of Power Ranger games is not new. The game always revolves around battles between superheroes and monsters, the aliens. The two leaders of aliens are Rofer and Moogers. They always want to do bad things, destroying the Earth to dominate the world. As the representatives of justice, you have to protect all people from the monsters.


Power Rangers RPG gameplay

In this game, you need to sort the team of different Power Rangers. Power Rangers: RPG supports players to roll out skills so you do not need to manipulate complex moves. The mission of the player only needs to calculate the cooldown time to launch the attack, defence, healing, … the most reasonable way. Not only that, you have the ability to summon Megazord in every battle. However, you will only be able to use this skill once, so you only use it when needed. Sometimes when encountering strong enemies, do not try too hard, let’s retreat and find weaknesses to attack.

The special feature of Power Rangers: RPG is the ability to stop time. In some other games, when the game takes place so fast, you can not calm down to think what to do next. In such cases, I usually … click all of the skills. But in Power Rangers: RPG, you can do slowdown time by clicking the clock icon in the right corner of the screen. This will make the battle in the game more carefully calculated, more stress. Only one mistake, you can pay the price.

Hundreds of Power Rangers

Power Rangers RPG characters

Not only Power Rangers, you can also meet many other superheroes such as Mighty Morphin Ranger, GaoRanger or Hurricanger. There are hundreds of different superheroes for your choose. Each superhero has different indexes and skills. Combining different superheroes will open up different tactics. Sometimes you have to be surprised with the damage that you can do.

3D design

Power Rangers RPG gameplay 3

Power Rangers: RPG has nice 3D graphics. Action effects of the character are great. I like the tactical effects in the game, reminiscent of the superhero movies I used to watch. Superhumans, robots have Chibi style is very cute, fun. You can be happy with the graphics of this game.


For Power Rangers fans, Power Rangers: RPG is a game that you can’t skip. Currently, the game has just released the beta version, you can download the game at the links below:

  • All available links
  • Power Rangers: RPG for Android APK
  • Google Play

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