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Currently, MMORPGs are extremely popular in the market, including SAO IF, Black Desert Mobile or DawnBreak. Each game has its own modes. Various attractions, bringing the most diverse experience for players. And today, the game we bring to you is a product of the publisher Gravity Interactive called Ragnarok Rush. Possessing a tight-fitting action style, Ragnarok Rush will bring you the most intense combat. Although the gameplay is not newer than other MMORPGs, Ragnarok Rush has its own unique characters system, which is well worth the experience. Let’s find out the interesting game.

The game plot

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The game is set in a medieval setting. This is an era with countless knights, warriors and witches. However, the peaceful days of the Ragnarok world did not last long. Monsters appear every day, threatening the survival of the kingdom. With no other choice, the bravest knights set off, destroying the monstrous monsters. The dangerous but glorious adventures have officially begun. Only you can save the world, put your name in the history of legendary warriors.

As mentioned above, the gameplay of Ragnarok Rush is built in the form of attractive MMORPG. Set up your own team with the characters available in the game. You will be engaging in engaging real-time battles. Keep moving forward, destroying all those who dare to stand in your way. Ragnarok Rush will entice you by surprise to surprise through the highly specialized mission system of the game. Lots of challenges await you in the front; you will be travelling through the lands and colourful myths in Wonderland.

Ragnarok Rush owns a variety of characters

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There are hundreds of cool characters waiting for you in this game. Each character in Ragnarok Rush owns the unique power and attributes. Besides, the character’s moves are also quite different. Each character consists of three main skills and a special skill when you accumulate enough power. There are all kinds of energy for you to choose as Gladiator, Assassin, Wizard, … In particular, what is really impressive is that the character can be upgraded. Once you reach the full level, you will be able to upgrade your character to a new level. Each character has three types of evolution. When you upgrade your character to the final level of evolution, your character will be equipped with hair and angel wings that look super cool and eye-catching.

Multiple gameplay modes

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If you do not like the default battle mode, Ragnarok Rush also owns the attractive PVE mode. A series of giant bosses are guarding the treasures of the thousand years for you to conquer. Take on the rare trophy to help upgrade character strength as well as powerful equipment. The real-time PvP mode, which makes the brand of MMORPGs. You will be able to fight with players all over the world. Each squad alignment offers unique tactics. Create your own style and destroy all enemies, bring glory in this game Ragnarok Rush.

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Also, you are also accompanied by cute pets. Yes, with the excellent pet system, you will own the most lovable animals, bring quite a force to you. Not only that, but the pet also help you a lot in the fierce battle. Along with that, the guild system will help you to position the most powerful alliances in the world.

Impressive 2D design

Ragnarok Rush possesses relatively impressive 2D graphics. Character creation looks very powerful, beautiful. The effect of flying dragon phoenix full of fantasy will make you want to fight forever alone. Also, the characters are also dubbed to follow the plot, help you story fairy Ragnarok Rush.

Say what, now compared to other games, maybe this game is far from the media. But the quality of this game is remarkable. Although this game can hardly become a blockbuster, Ragnarok Rush is well worth the experience. Download the Ragnarok Rush APK to experience this exciting game.

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