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Resident Evil is a horror game series, first appeared in 1996, on PlayStation devices. The game has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world. You have probably heard the name of this game. Part 4 of the game was released in 2005.

Recently, the publisher CAPCOM has officially released an Android version of Resident Evil 4. We are prepared to enjoy one of the best horror games on the mobile platform. Does the mobile version different from the PC version? Let read the review to find answers.

Ghost town

Resident Evil 4 story

In this version, we will meet the familiar characters of Resident Evil 4. You will become agent Leon Scott Kennedy. He is in secret mission to find the president’s daughter in Ganado village- a mysterious village in Eastern Europe. Upon arrival, he realized that Alise was not kidnapped by a terrorist or a criminal. They are half-human beings, half demon. They are bloodthirsty, ready to eat anyone who into the village. Not only save Alise to her home safely, you also have to keep you alive.

Confronted with zombies

Resident Evil 4 gameplay

One difference of Resident Evil 4 vs. PC version. No longer seamless from start to finish, Leon’s journey is divided into several chapters, each of which is a different mission. This helps the game to remove some small details that still keep its attraction.

Like PUBG Mobile, this game is the third-person shooter game. At first, you only have a small weapon. Go collect other weapons such as machine guns, rifles, knives, grenades to be ready to fight at any time. Zombies in the game everywhere. They may eat you unexpectedly, causing you to be startled when their scary form comes out of the darkness. Also, don’t forget to collect some HP to help you recover. If you run out of blood, you will die and the game will end.

The game is very optimized, making it easy to perform actions. In addition to the basic actions of an FPS game such as shooting, throw grenades, etc., you also perform some interactive actions with your surroundings such as breaking doors, breaking downstairs. That is important when you fight the last boss in the game, you can easily avoid the skills of zombies.

Zombies of Resident Evil 4 are also smarter than the other versions. They are fiercer, faster, so you will be in danger. Do not give up. Alise’s life depends entirely on you.


Resident Evil 4 graphics

They said that the graphics of Resident Evil 4 is also one of the factors that bring success for this game. The dark scene, the deadly air, the mystery that covers you from the beginning to the end of the game. In particular, I was a lot of times dropped my phone when suddenly zombies rushed out from the dark. The village simulated reality to every detail. You should use the high-end device to experience the game perfectly.


Resident Evil 4 is definitely a game that you should not play alone. The game will make you scared even your dog. Many mysteries in the ghost town of Ganado await you to explore.

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