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A balloon of a girl or a boy flying into the blue sky and then explode. “Boom”. That is enough for us to have an exciting game. When you look at this game, you probably think of two publishers Ketchapp and Voodoo. You’re wrong. The owner of this game is Serkan Ozyilmaz, a relatively unknown publisher in the mobile gaming market. No need to talk about this, let’s review Rise Up.

The adventure of balloons

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As the name implies, in this game, your mission is to protect the balloons flying, flying more, flying forever. This game has no limit, so you keep playing until the game over. Actually, Rise Up has 55 levels and will update more in the coming time. However, to conquer all levels of the game you must be a real master. In the game, you have to control a guard ring, also known as the round guard. Each level has a lot of obstacles. Control The Round Guard pushes the obstacles out of place, let the ball do not collide with them on the way.

Just a little touch, your ball will explode and you have to play again from the beginning. Each level of Rise Up lasts less than a minute. So you do not need to be afraid, click on the “replay” button and continue to enjoy the game. You have to remember that when you cleared the way, the obstacles will fall away from your position ( like Newton’s law).

The higher the level, the bigger the ball, and the faster it gets. You have much trouble to control it. The obstacles in the game are designed in various shapes, such as stars, cubes, triangles, … even huge blocks. There is no other way. You must use your ingenuity and subtlety to overcome all.

When playing Rise Up, you only control with one finger. You do not necessarily have to touch The Round Guard directly to control, you can touch anywhere on the screen. Simple gameplay, simple control system, the rest depends on your technique. Easy to control The Round Guard, but protecting the new ball is tricky.

Simple graphics

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Rise Up has a size of about 34.5 MB, making you easy to download and install. The graphics of the game is based on 2D platform, but not for that so the publisher ignored the caring. The interface is designed in harmony with many different colors. In addition, the sound is well done, you will enjoy the theme song fun. Certainly, the game will bring new feeling and excitement to you.

Games like this can’t avoid appearing ads during the game. If you do not want to see ads, you can buy the $ 2.99 package or simply disconnect from the Internet like Wifi, 3G or 4G.


There is not much to say about this game. Simple, easy to play and addictive. That is enough. The game does not take up much of your time and is ideal for entertaining after hours of intense study and work. Do not hesitate. Taking your phone and open Rise Up.

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