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Have you ever played the game Hungry Shark on your phone? Have you ever imagined one day, these bloodthirsty sharks are transforming into transforming robots, allowing them to travel freely, destroying the human world on the land, not just in the sea? What would it be like? Let us decide this question with a unique game called Robot Shark. Released by Naxeex Corp, the game is currently available for download and is completely free. Among the classic action games, Robot Shark is blowing a new breath into the game market with this unique and weird gameplay. Let’s take a look at the interesting features of the shark game on the shore.

About this game

Robot Shark apk

Step into the game, imagine you will be a bloodthirsty shark. However, one day the body is transformed into a robot, and you have the power to transform into a robot with limbs, as in the film series Transformer. In particular, you will no longer feel hungry when you smell the blood that you are in need of energy to continue to exist. Your body tells you that you have to go to human habitation to collect giant batteries that add to your life. Join the adventure in the human world without any shark can do this.

Robot Shark is a role-playing attractive game. Use your virtual keys to control the robot. You have to control this shark robot to move freely on land. Sure enough, people will be extremely scared to see your existence. A robot has a damping mechanism that blows the ground to create a fairly large radius blast, blasting everything around you. Use this mechanism to defend yourself whenever someone wants to attack you. Constant will be the police; people throw stones on the robot. Also, you will have to face other robots. It is not only you who are transformed in this world. The other robots also want to occupy the power to survive, and they will destroy you to be able to monopolize this energy source. The special thing about the game is that you can turn back to shark form by jumping into the sea. Running away from the enemy by diving is not a bad plan at all.

What’s interesting about Robot Shark?

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The most interesting point in this robot game is that you can explore both terrestrial and undersea worlds. Open space gives you the freedom to walk, jump through buildings or swim in the deep sea, without being confined to the Robot Shark world. However, I feel that Robot Shark is a bit difficult to control, it takes a lot of time to get to know you still can not control the robot smoothly. Hope that is because I play too bad, not the game.

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RobotShark possesses an attractive mission system for you to conquer. Fly to the locations where the game requires, fight or collect the necessary items. Robot Shark has a small map to help you move more easily, do not get lost. Besides, the robot can run faster by using accelerated spells. Very interesting, right? We hope that Naxeex Corp will soon be releasing more attractive game modes so that players will feel bored when playing a single mode.


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Robot Shark has beautiful 3D graphics. It does not compare to the graphics game in the market but enough to make you feel satisfied. The explosive effect, the landscape is carefully trimmed. I am most impressed with the screen under the sea, the fish, seaweed, coral, … help the sea environment looks extremely true.


Generally speaking, transformed robot games are always something that is very attractive to everyone, especially those who are passionate about technology. And I also love games like that; they are not only interesting but also unique. Robot Shark, I think this game will create a new trend in the technology era.

The game supports both iOS and Android platforms. However, the iOS version has not yet been posted to the App Store. If you are interested in this game, please download Robot Shark APK on your device to participate in a really attractive game.

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