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Rolly Vortex 2

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The gameplay is simple, high speed and has no story but hight download numbers are not strange on the application store anymore. Often, the games such as these are usually on top trending for a while before other games emerge.

Rolly Vortex – Voodoo’s product is such a game like that. In the Rolly Vortex, players will have to control the ball in an endless tunnel, and on the way, you will have to control the ball over through as many small circles as possible and score as many points as possible before crashing into them. You will have to be careful, as the more obstacles you pass, the higher the speed of the game and the faster you will be.

Simple gameplay

Rolly Vortex 2

The game’s gameplay is extremely simple, you just swipe the screen in the direction you want to go. Swipe left, right, … to cross over narrow slots and go forward. Try to swipe as fast as you can.


Rolly Vortex

The obstacles in Rolly Vortex are rather poor, with only a few being arranged in random order. Each obstacle has a different way of overcoming it, and you should keep in mind the type of obstacle that needs to be swished several times to pass. This will make it easier for you to play this game.

Collect gems

Rolly Vortex 3

On the move, there will be gems scattered in the tunnel, and you can collect them. These gems will help you unlock new types of balls when you access the game catalog.


A valuable experience when playing this game is not distracted. In addition, try to escape all other applications before playing to optimize the device if you do not want to be lag and die suddenly.

Well, the ultimate goal of this game is to try to get the highest score for comparing with friends. In addition, I find it does not mean much, besides the sound is quite poor and many ads (Can turn off Wifi network will not show ads). Mainly for entertainment purposes in free time. If you want to try this game, you can download it at the link below.

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