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It can be said Gamevil is a well-known developer in the Korean market and most other countries in the world. In the closed beta in September 2017, Gamevil release Royal Blood for mobile devices. After a lot of success, they continued to release a new test version of this game with the new mode (100vs100 battle).

Initially, Royal Blood was only tested in the Korean market, but then Gamevil discovered the enormous potential that this game brings. As a result, we can play this game anywhere in the world. The closed beta version was recently developed on both Android and iOS, with a development team of over 100 people.

Like other MMORPGs, the game features 3D graphics designed in the PC MMORPG style, bring the new MMORPG experience to mobile devices. Here are some highlights of this game after I experience this game fast.

About Royal Blood

Royal Blood storyline

The story tells of the world dominated by mighty dragons. They have killed the emperor of humanity, causing humanity to be miserable, hungry everywhere. You, in the role of a son of the emperor, take on the responsibility of revenge against those who have harmed your father, and demand freedom for humanity.

In Royal Blood, all the elements are not important anymore. Whether it is love, friendship or anything else. The most need is revenge, at any cost.


Royal Blood characters

In this game, you will be given one of the 4 character classes to start. Each character has its own characteristics and skill set. The interesting thing is that this game allows you to change some small details on the character, like hairstyles, clothes. I was impressed with the way Gamevil designed the character of the game, very nice and detailed.

Even in the first moments, Royal Blood brought a sense of suspense and scary thanks to the color and sound of the game. In the world that is being invaded by monsters, only fighting skills can help you survive and achieve your goal of revenge for your father and for peace in the world. Through the mission system in this game, you will quickly master the action of the game.

Royal Blood gameplay 2

There are a lot of things to say in this game, but the best you should probably find out by yourself. Like all other titles, But I still encourage you to launch your skills and show off your skills, calculate your cooldown. This is also useful in real-time battles when fighting in Guild Wars, PvP battles with other players.

Besides, Royal Blood also offers a large arena with 200 players at the same time. Fight in real-time battle and try to be the last survivor.

You alone can not fight strong forces, invite your friends to fight together to form a coalition to fight against monsters or other players.


Royal Blood gameplay

Not only good at gameplay, Royal Blood is beautiful. The game was carefully developed by a team of over 100 developers. Graphics in the game is impeccable. Korea is a place where has technology and experience in graphics development.

Beautiful 3D graphics, very detailed design. Royal Blood is based on the Unity 5 engine, delivering an unmatched MMORPG-quality experience on mobile devices. The beautiful screens in high-resolution frames provide excellent image quality. The function keys and controls are also quite intelligent design, making the operation easy on the small screen of the mobile device.


To talk about Royal Blood, there are a lot of things I have not mentioned yet. But at the limit of an article, I only mention a few things worth saying in the game. Currently, Royal Blood is available on both Android and iOS platforms, you can download and experience through our links.

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