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Join us to discover the ultimate puzzle game called Rusty Lake Paradise. The publisher of Rusty Lake has provided players with a special tantalizing puzzle game. You will be immersed in mysterious, scary stories and unveiled the veil of secrecy in this game world.

Horror plot

Rusty Lake Paradise apk

Rusty Lake Paradise is set in the horror, darkness that you often see in the famous horror film. Enter the game, you will be transformed into guy Jakob, the eldest son of the Eilander family. The family lives in a small village on an island. He is working in a place far from the village. Upon hearing his mother’s death, Jakob had to return home to join the strange rituals of the villagers. He began to realize that his mother’s death was something mysterious. At the same time, the island seems to be cursed by the terrible epidemics in the Bible. Find out the mysteries of the village, then rescue all people from the terrible curse.

Rusty Lake Paradise is a genre-themed puzzle game that engages players in horror-thrilling but interesting stories. Your mission in Rusty Lake Paradise will be very hard. You have to find clues from the smallest details that Rusty Lake Paradise gives you. The secrets that you seek will always center around the mysterious story of this village.

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How to play Rusty Lake Paradise?

Throughout the game, Rusty Lake Paradise will ask you to search for mysterious objects and objects through which the story unfolds. Collect enough items at all possible locations to pass the screen. In this game, you need to link the facts together to solve difficult puzzles. You may find something you think is pointless. But not. Remember that in Rusty Lake Paradise, nothing is meaningless. Everything you look for has its reasons. Explore mysteries in marshes, wilderness or mysterious forest. I feel like a detective when playing Rusty Lake Paradise. Learn and investigate everything possible to solve the mystery surrounding the island’s curse.

Each stage in Rusty Lake Paradise is quite short, so you can quickly cross the screen without feeling uncomfortable staying in one place. This makes the game more interesting, so you want to discover a little more. In particular, you will be visiting the village of this ridiculous in Rusty Lake Paradise. You will feel like you are the main character in horror movies.

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Horror design

Rusty Lake Paradise brings the players into a haunted, ghostly atmosphere. The graphics of the game are developed in a 3D style that makes the game more realistic than ever. Besides, every time you touch a Rusty Lake Paradise, you can hear different tunes that make you fear. This adds to the suspense in this spooky game.

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Currently, for only $ 2.99 you can already own this great game already. If you like the horror story, mystery alternating the terrible curse, sure Rusty Lake Paradise is a perfect choice for you.

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