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For a long time, the role-playing games that 1vs1 is gradually losing ground by other high-end action games. Recently, besides to fighting game WWE Mayhem APK, we rarely see any games are warmly welcome from the community of gamers. However, all this was removed when Shurado officially debuted.

The publisher Ganbarion, the father of popular game titles such as One Piece: Unlimited World REd or Dragon Ball Fusion, officially released the game title Shurado. The action-packed 1v1 fighting game, whose main theme is the Japanese samurai warriors and the swords that have come into myth. Shurado is actually a game that gives gamers a special new look. Currently, the publisher has announced the delayed release time of the iOS version, so temporary the game only supports the Android operating system.

What is Shurado’s plot?

The story in Shurado tells of a world full of criminals, barbarians and cold-blooded assassins. Also, there are also many other lone warriors. All of them were locked up in the dark dungeons. Surely, there will be clashes, one-to-one battles, and the only ones here who live for the sole purpose of destroying others. Pick up your sword, knock down the enemies in your path, take the weapon and give them the taste of misery.

Become a lone warrior

Upon entering Shurado, you will be immersed as a lone warrior in this evil world. The gameplay is similar to Black Dragon or Infinity Blade. Your task is to simply control all the actions of the character to fight against the enemy in battle. Move up, down, right, jump, or bend down to reach the enemy while dodging attacks that the opponent throws. Use the blows to hit the target or kick the enemy. Touch any part of the opponent to help you attack it. Also, you can also block attacks on the right side of the screen to disable some attacks.

After the battle, you will be teleported to the next battle without any resistance. Unlike other games with only one blood bar to measure your life, Shurado has a physical bar. Each time you hit, you will lose some physical strength. If the bar is empty, you will not be able to do anything. Therefore, you need to calculate each action carefully. Use proper moves and moves to kill enemies without leaving the physical bar exhausted. The smartest is always the last survivor.


Shurado allows you to fight to activate new weapons thanks to over 80 powerful weapons in this game. Each weapon has a special power, so you need time to get familiar. Also, The fragments of souls will help you to upgrade the power of the character and the equipment you own.Try to collect a lot of this piece in the battle to optimize the power for you guys.


Although there are strong points in the gameplay, the game still has a few bad minor points that only one mode of play 1vs1 only. You can fight against the machine or with other people on the world. I believe that if successful, the game will have more attractive new game mode in the coming time. But if not too hard, you will like this game because it is one of the best graphics games.


Shurado is considered one of the best graphics games available today. The oriental style graphics engine is designed by the most powerful Engine platform in the world is the Unreal Engine, bringing the real motion with fine graphics detail to every blade of grass. Seeing how the character moves and attack, I feel like watching a movie and not a mobile game anymore.

However, to experience the graphics of this game, you will need to have a high-end device to play, or you need to play with a lower resolution and quality. The game requires at least Android 7.0 to work.

Final thought

Anyway, I also played this game. It’s really powerful in graphics even if the gameplay is not really perfect. I like the Samurai, and this game is the chance to become a true Samurai. If you have similar hobbies, please download Shurado and experience.

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