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For sure, everyone has spent their childhood with a slingshot, especially in rural areas like yourself. The tattoos symbolize the intense childhood of each person, the time when we are happy to play, not worry about the present, the future.

And today, will recreate that exciting time of you through Slingshot Championship game. Join the funniest shooter contest in this unique game. The father of Slingshot Championship is the publisher Mobirix, who is also the father of exciting titles like Kingdom Wars. Join us to enjoy this unique game by downloading Slingshot Championship on your phone.


Slingshot Championship apk

Slingshot Championship is a lightweight, entertaining game for players. The game is more like an FPS shooter, but it’s fun and unique. Your task is simply to use your finger to pull the trigger, firing the correct rounds on the targets the game requires. Like the archery, the target will have rounds from outside to inside, as close to the red heart, the more points you will earn from the game. In addition, the target can be glass bottles, iron balls, … The elements that you need to keep in mind when playing this game are the angle of the shot, the shot, the mind and the wind direction. These are factors that can affect your results. Calculate well and show them your skills.

Challenge friends around the world through Slingshot Championship mode. You will be paired up and played against any player. Shoot accurately and spend the maximum score per shot. If you have fewer points than they, don’t worry. Most importantly when playing the Slingshot Championship you have to be calm. Only when the final result is fixed will you be allowed to stop. Do your best and do not give up. Leading the Slingshot Championship, show off your friends on social networks.

Other game modes

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Also, if you do not have the internet, that’s fine, you can enjoy Slingshot Championship offline mode. Slingshot Championship has an attractive shooting mode, which helps you do tasks, equip yourself and help you improve your skills. However, when there is no internet connection you will not be able to use some of the add-ons that the game offers you. That does not affect the talented gunners, anyway.

You will experience the full range of ammunition attached to childhood. From stones, fruit or glass bottles, … Unlock them through Slingshot Championship card system. In each match, you will earn a certain amount of gold. Earn points and unlock cool shotguns and ammunition to make your matches more interesting. In addition, you will be immersed in the familiar scene where the shooting of the day, from the football field, street corner, factory, roof, …

Interesting graphics

Slingshot Championship apk apk mod

What impresses me when playing Slingshot Championship is the graphics. Made in beautiful 3D, everything in the game appears more real and fun than ever. Especially when you drop the slingshot so that the bullet is fired, you will see the great effect from the game. Sounds are also a perfect addition, which brings us back to a fierce childhood.


Slingshot is not something big, but it’s almost a childhood affair. I believe you have also played or known this legendary toy. Download Slingshot Championship¬†APK MOD on your device to recreate childhood, recreating the shootings.

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