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Feeling bored of playing not enjoyable games?? You are at the right place if you are searching for a cool game….Great news for you guys. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter (Or Sniper 3D Assassin,┬áSniper 3D: Shoot to Kill FPS) has been made available for you.

It is a cool shooting game for you to get yourself a gun and start shooting, start the killing and become the ULTIMATE SHOOTER.

Screenshot 2017 12 23 11 47 16


This is based on helping the president on clearing the negative aspects of the society with the use of your gun. The introductory part is quite small but interesting. You will be asked to complete various missions and helping police etc here. The main point to be considered while playing this game is aiming but the aiming process is also quite easy. You can easily kill people from the large distance. But be careful that the bullet might hurt some innocent so be aware of it. You will also be taught the way of aiming during the introductory part.

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The home screen is also easy to use so that even new players can easily understand the game. The game is simple and very nice while playing.

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The game is so good that you will be obviously hyped. There no difficulty while playing, just a simple strategy and aiming is enough to win the battles. You will be provided with various missions, and also the shooting type is so easy that you can zoom it and get a clear shot with no chance of missing. In every mission, it uses energy in the game after it is less you get some time to think about next mission as well. You can challenge the top players or even join the squad which going to be available soon.

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The graphics quality is also good that we can have the fun of real-time shooting. You get to change the graphics quality as well from low to high according to your wish. It has ultra-realistic and cool graphics so I can bet that you will love this game. The background and gun firing sound are so realistic that you will love it. You will see the 3D motion of bullet getting fired.

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You will also feel that this game have graphics similar to Point Blank, a shooting game developed by NEXON on a mobile platform.


It has tons and tons of weapons you can choose upon which can be unlocked after your level increases; you can buy them through real money as well. It is a cool game for those whose who are bored of using same tools in other games. Here you will be happy to know that you will never ever get tired for weapons because you get new ones very often. You can choose from those tiny pistols to advance snipers as well. Customization of guns is possible, and guns can be leveled up.

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You will get many missions to be completed which provides you with a lot of gold and unlocks another level. You can get your gun leveled up by the help of missions because you get enough gold for it through missions. Failing mission is not the solution here you shall take upon the challenges and fight for the victory. You should be aware that a single miss can fail the mission because criminals are not that easy thing to kill so be careful while completing the missions.

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After completing many missions you will be unlocking many other cities to work upon. So get hyped up and fight for the glory. I know that you cannot withstand much after hearing this much about the game…. I know it cause it made me feel the same while I played the game.

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Thought about the game

This game is very enjoyable, and I would recommend you to play it because it is worth playing. You will not regret on downloading the game…….Sniper 3D Gun Shooter is free and supported for both Android and iOS; so you can select the download links below.

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