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South Park: Phone Destroyer is a brand new mobile game, promising to bring the extreme gaming experience to the fans. This is a collaboration between Ubisoft and South Park Digital Studios, first announced at the E3 2017 event in mid-June, 2017, with an introductory video screened during the meeting. After a period of open beta testing in some limited areas, South Park: Phone Destroyer has officially released to players around the world for both Android and iOS.


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Enter the world of South Park: Phone Destroyer, the player plays a random boy in the town, along with a variety of fun characters such as cowboys, pirates, robots and even the mighty god. The scenario of this game is funny, just like what South Park has done.

Gameplay featured

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This game features real-time strategy gameplay (RTS) and has a cards element, which allows players to collect a variety of familiar characters that appear throughout the series. You will enjoy the game with similar experiences with New Kid from Stick of Truth. Basically, the player’s task is to set up a powerful fighting squad that includes cowboys, witches, cyborg (half man, half machine) and more to crush the opponent. Get yourself into Cartman, Kenny, Stan or Kyle and be ready to face all the dangers on the mobile to see what you can do in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

The battles in the game are usually automatic. You will have a power bar and when recovering energy, you can use the cards. The characters will move and attack alone, but some have special abilities that you can activate. With more than 80 different types of cards, each card has its own unique features and uses, and you need to make a rational calculation to be able to use them in the most optimal way. You can upgrade your team by collecting new cards and using them to complete and fight with other players in the multiplayer mode.

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In story mode, you usually have characters moving from left to right, towards the boss. The main objective is to defeat the boss, but if New Kid dies first, you must start again. There are a lot of stages, each with 15 levels and difficulty leveling up to challenge you. This mode is really cool, I have not played all this mode, but maybe a lot of interesting things are still ahead.

In addition to the PvE features, the game also has PvP mode that allows players to compete with each other, and the reward is very attractive.

Each time you complete a mission or win a PVP battle, you will receive 3 bonus lockers with random cards in it. There are many rare cards, and quite a few other support items. You can also use real money to open more lockers. There are also plenty of exciting events and bonuses for you when you win PVP matches. These rewards are usually free cards, special outfits …


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Another interesting point is South Park: Phone Destroyer’s graphics, this game is beautifully designed, beautiful on the 2D platform, the screen battle automatically, simple but also have beautiful effects. South Park: Phone Destroyer will definitely make you laugh a long time.


Although developed on a completely new platform, South Park: Phone Destroyer still make sure to keep the “fun” flavor of humor has enchanted South Park fans around the world. If you want to have a laugh when playing a game on your smartphone do not hesitate to click the link below to download South Park: Phone Destroyer for Android and iOS for free now.

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