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Commander! They have come! Ready to fight!

Today, I introduce you a great game called Space Commander. In this game, you are engaged in space battles, not on Earth. Maybe for a long time, I was reviewing you a game in outer space. The game was released by DAYDREAM GAMES LIMITED. If you love science fiction, Space Commander is a game you can’t skip.

The war in outer space

You are the commander of the spacecraft. One day, you and the crew on board are embroiled in a war in space. In addition to you, there are many other creatures are Zec and Pyraza. They are all dangerous aliens, always wanting to destroy all other creatures. No other way, you have to fight to survive. Everyone believes in you. Command. Can you help everyone win this war?


Space Commander gameplay

If you’ve ever played Clash Royale, then it’s great, Space Commander has the same gameplay. Very simple. You only need to use your army to destroy the entire army of enemies. However, the game limits time, so you have to calculate how can destroy the opponent as quickly as possible. You must use the cards to summon troops. Cards can be a missile, a shield … or it can also be a type of troops that you can summon.

After using a card, you must wait for a cooldown. The game allows you to choose the location of troops anywhere on the map you want. In particular, after each level, the game brings you a card. Sure, you can upgrade the power of the robot when levelling up.

In the first few levels, if you do not buy the game’s starter pack, you will face many difficulties. I have played quite many times to win. Do not worry because every player has the same situation. However, the later levels, you have a stronger army, so things are easier.

What’s the fun in this game?

Space Commander gameplay 3

The game will take you through a variety of battlefields in space including Chaos Arena, Expedition Space, Special Missions. Lots of dangers, challenges await you ahead. Termination robot? Monster in outer space? Do not be afraid. Focus your firepower, destroy everything.

In addition, Space Commander also has PvP mode. Use your squad to play against other online players in real-time battles. In this game, the strategy and the ability to arrange the team will be the decisive factor to help you win the battle.

As I see, Space Commander is innovative in both gameplay and story. You will experience a story of adventure in outer space. The dialogue of the game sometimes a bit long, but also help you experience the story interesting. For a person who likes science fiction like me, this is great. How about you?


Space Commander graphics

Space Commander has high-quality 3D graphics. Outer space is simulated in a practical way. You will feel like travelling on different planets. Sound effects are also great, giving the player the great experience.


Space Commander is definitely a very unique and exciting game. I played three hours without being bored. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you to discover in this game. Space Commander is available for iOS and Android.

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