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Space Marshals debuted on the iOS platform a year ago, and made Pixelbite a great success, as evidenced by the extremely high scores from the world’s leading gaming magazines. So far, exactly one year, Pixelbite returns to bring a name: Space Marshals 2.

Space Marshals 2 is the sequel to the Space Marshals series after a long period of time no see. The Pixelbite publisher seems to be quiet. In the shooting genre, Space Marshals 2 will let players continue on the adventures of the famous space cowboy. The good news is that the game will support both Android and iOS.

The story

Space Marshals 2

The game begins with the Artemis warship of Space Marshal (Space Organization), attacked by the space hijackers and severely damaged. Members of the organization kidnapped to planet Aurum Petram 55, an abandoned mining planet in the past. Fortunately, Agent Burton, who is extremely smart and skilled genius, has escaped and successfully rescued Space Marshal before the hijackers reached conspiracy. Burton and his allies heading for the orbit of Aurum Petram 55, and ready to overthrow any empire plotting to overthrow the space security forces …


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Space Marshals 2 is the perfect combination between shooting, hiding, and tactics. With the task of destroying all the hijackers in each stage, you will have to control the character from above with a 3rd view, controlling the joystick to move, hide and fire when needed. The game’s control mechanism is familiar, a joystick moves on the left, a joystick on the right of the screen. At the beginning of the game, you will be trained full skills in the game such as hiding, exchanging weapons, shooting guns and neck clamp …

What is worth mentioning and mark the name of this game here is the system of hiding. Space Marshals 2 is a hide-and-seek action, so do not be foolish to stand on fight as if you were in a place with no one, you would lose from the first stage. Remember to exploit all the places that can lurk and move wisely around these locations, find the weaknesses of the criminals and end them one on one by one. When you bend over and move closer to the enemy without being detected, the character automatically grips his neck, ending without losing any bullets.

Even if you can not finish off the crime in silence, it sometimes becomes a chance for you to stand upright and fight. Of course, you still have to keep the distance and choose the exact shooting time, which makes it easier for you to play, especially in the game stage where the crime reaches dozens.

Equipment system

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During the game you can unlock new weapons, hats and armor as you level up through each level. Or you can pick up items in certain locations in the game, like rifles, double guns, armor, and even space mines.


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  • Beautiful 3D graphics with top-down viewing angles
  • Over 20 missions with rewards based on achievement
  • Over 70 different weapons for you to choose from
  • Save your game data online
  • Mod version: APK file, full money mod

If you’ve played the first version of Space Marshals and loved it, then I pledge that Space Marshals 2 a lot better. It can be said, Space Marshals 2 is a quality sequel, rare in the attractive games on the mobile platform. The game has a perfect combination of shooting, tactics with stealth action style. If you want to enjoy this game on Android or iOS, you can download for free at the address below.

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