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Special Forces Group 2 is the first and foremost FPS familiar online shooting game, with millions of downloads available on mobile. Due to the success of the Special Forces Group, the second part of the action shooter game also gives the players a completely unique experience. And the publisher ForgeGames decides to support players on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. As perceived by my own, this game is fascinating in gameplay, excellent 3D graphics in every detail. If you ask me what is the most attractive FPS of 2017, Special Forces Group 2 is definitely the answer.

Special Forces Group 2 2

Entering the Special Forces Group 2, you’ll be joining as a soldier on a battlefield filled with smoke and fire. With the gun in your hand, you must fight the enemies on the other side. All players in a Special Forces Group 2 match will be split into two Terrorists and Counter Terrorist. Prevent the enemy’s conspiracy by destroying them. In this war, military skill and courage are the decisive factors. Who are you in this uncompromising battle?

As mentioned above, your primary mission in the game is to use the weapon you own to destroy the enemy. You have to clear the enemy before the enemy to do the same thing with you. The ability to move, reflect, and accurately project each bullet you shoot is key to winning. Understanding the principle of each weapon to help you make the most of your strengths as well as exploit the weaknesses of the enemy. For example, if you use the AK47, you have to shoot very exactly because otherwise the shotgun will be very unstable and you will miss the shot. Focusing on the chest or the head to shut down them.

Weapon system is diverse

Special Forces Group 2 3

The weapon system in Special Forces Group 2 is also incredibly diverse. With hundreds of current military guns, this game brings new and endless experiences for you and any other player. Also, the bulletproof jacket and bulletproof cap are also inseparable items on the battlefield. Buying the best equipment will greatly reduce the amount of sudden death in the war. In particular, the game also has six warriors and five zombie characters for you to own. I always favor female characters because I’m a simple man, and you know, the female characters are slimmer and more likely harder to be shot.

5 game modes

Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2 has 5 exciting game modes: team battles, death squads, bandits, zombies, and bombs. Along with that, more than 20 maps will make you unable to take your eyes off. The first four modes may have become so familiar to the shooter fans. With the bombing mode, the terrorists will try to place a bomb at certain points. Choose your favorite side and win in this choking mode.

Featured graphics

Still retaining the features of the previous version, this time the graphics of Special Forces Group 2 also bring impressive experiences by extremely detailed 3D graphics. Create eye-catching characters, realistic animations and great lighting effects. When I play it, I think it is a high-quality PC game, not a mobile game.

Special Forces Group 2 4


At the present time, even though the graphics of the game are not the most advanced and not as prominent as other FPS games, it is still an FPS game with no few players. The game still has some fascinating points.

If you really want to experience the feeling that not all games can bring, you can download the game Special Forces Group 2 on the device and participate in the exciting battles, you will find both original version and APK Mod + Data version at the bottom.

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