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Voodoo is a unique developer. The games of this company usually have no plot, not many modes of play, and are not of any kind at all. Games released by Voodoo usually have only one gameplay, and only one more feature is unlocking the character. This is the common form for all of the games, such as Rolly Vortex, Fire Rides, Dune, Dunk Hit …But it’s not that the Voodoo games are not attractive, even though the same form, but the way Voodoo show through each game of the company is completely different. And the game that I’m about to introduce here, Stack Jump, is such a game like that.

New gameplay

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Stack Jump is a fun game based on the Stacking Blocks games, which is similar in style to other casual games of the same genre but created to be unique. When you enter the game, you will transform into a little pet that dreams to reach the highest point of the sky. To reach the dream, you have to control the pet jump over the blocks that go through the screen to stay higher.

Jumping over a block, you will gain one point. The higher the blocks, the faster they will move and the game will end when you collide with it and fall to the ground. Try to jump as high as possible. Remember, there is a line in the screens, when you cross the line, you will get some bonus points. When you reach certain points, you can unlock new characters, make the game more lively and interesting. The game has over 20 different characters that you can unlock depending on the level.

2 modes

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The game has two main modes, challenges, and endless mode. In challenges mode, you will experience 36 different challenges with increasing difficulty, this mode is extremely difficult because the blocks will move extremely fast and only half a second careless or any mistake also makes you pay expensive. The remaining mode, endless, where you can play unlimited to reach a record on the score.

New graphic

Compared to previous Voodoo titles, I feel that Voodoo has invested more in graphics for his pet. It can be seen that the game is beautiful with colorful 3D design style. From the images of the animals to the blocks are diverse and beautiful. You will also see the change of background behind.

Even game icons and illustrations on the App Store are cared for, not as bad as previous games. Thanks to that the game looks more professional, this is widely praised.

Stack Jump voodoo


The good news is that Voodoo has listened to the user’s feedback to reduce advertising in the game, will not be as dense as before but still annoying difficult players. You can spend money to remove ads if you want. This game is quite fun, highly entertaining and beautiful graphics. Game support for the iOS operating system, in the future there will be a version for Android, you can download the game via the links below.

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