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Super Mario is Nintendo’s favorite all-time electronic game of all time. Proof that the name Super Mario is still being talked about more than 30 years after its launch on the NES platform, even the graphics and sounds of the game have become inspirational to many other games later.

After the fall of the gaming machines, Nintendo almost no longer has their shadow until the company back to develop mobile games. What the gamers have long expected, is that Super Mario will be refreshed and playable on the phone is become real, when the Super Mario Run is officially announced by Nintendo. This is the second game of Nintendo support mobile platform, formerly Miitomo.

Old bottle new wine

In this time comeback, based on the prototype Super Mario, the Nintendo publisher redesigned the game Super Mario on the new graphics, the gameplay is more appropriate with the touch screen of the phone. The player will be transformed into Mario – the plumber on his journey to overcome the mushroom kingdom and rescue the princess from Bowser – the evil dragon. On the way to Bowser’s castle, Mario will face Bowser’s army and must try to survive.

How to play

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In the first game you will have to select your country, then the game will ask you to sign in with your My Nintendo account. (You can register for free if you do not have one.) After successful login, you are ready to start the game. At this point, the game will guide you the basic operations in the game. In Super Mario Run, Mario character will run automatically. You just touch the screen to jump up, or touch and hold to jump higher. To acrobatic in the air, touch and hold your finger on the screen, then touch the screen while in the middle of the air. The challenges are simple to get acquainted.

In addition to the hateful enemies, on the way there are also many gold coins for you to collect, the bricks contain special items. On the way, if you pick up the green fungus, Mario will be two times bigger and you will have one more chance to survive if you touch the enemy. Green water tubes are also obstacles that you will have to overcome.

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While moving, you may see small arrows: When you run through it, a row of coins will appear in that direction for you to collect. Pay attention to these arrows, because they can be a hint toward the next run. Just like the legendary original version on the old system, Super Mario Run also counts the time, you need to reach the end of each stage before time runs out or you will have to play again.

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The game is divided into worlds, each world consists of four stages that need to pass and at the end of each world, you will face a boss. Each boss has different weak points, so you will have to use your skills and intelligence to defeat it. After defeating the boss, you will unlock the next world.

The gameplay modes

Super Mario Run offers three game modes.

World Tour

The first mode, the World Tour brings a classic play style, where players will collect coins and break the entire world.

Toad Rally

super mario run toad rally

Toad Rally is a multiplayer mode where you can compete against other players in a speed race. The number of coins you collect will determine who is the winner.

Kingdom Builder

super mario run kingdom builder

The number of coins you collect in the game can be used in this mode, where you can use them to build your own kingdom. You can buy works and decorations from the store, then put in the appropriate location on your land.

Not only that, in the Kingdom Builder mode there are mini-games that bring gold coins and Toad Rally tickets.

Other things

In my opinion, Super Mario Run is excellent and gives the player a great feeling to make Super Mario live once again in a while with a more beautiful and trendy graphics. A small note when playing this game is that you need to have an internet connection to play and you can only play for the first three free stages, and then have to pay around $ 10 if you want to unlock all 24 stages in the game.

Ready to experience? Here is the Super Mario Run download links for both Android and iOS, if you have any questions you can ask questions in the comments or share your experiences when playing this game.

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