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Super Saiyan Battle of Power gameplay 2

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Dragon Balls is part of my childhood. From childhood to adulthood, I still keep the habit of collecting things related to this famous manga. In the meantime Dragon Ball Legends, why do not we try playing a game that is equally attractive? Referring to Dragon Balls, you may be thinking of the publisher Bandai Namco. Today, the game I want to introduce to you is Super Saiyan Battle of Power, a product of Gamer Mind. The game will help you return to childhood through the classic battles in the world of Songoku and his friends.

The battle between the masters

Super Saiyan Battle of Power gameplay

The content of Dragon Ball revolves around the fight between the boxers in the story. They are all great warrior in the universe, with enough power to destroy an entire planet. So, these matches have never made fans feel bored (so do I). Also, in the game, you can see the battle never existed in the comic or animated version. Have you ever imagined Mabu fight with Cell? It will be interesting.

Familiar fighting gameplay

Super Saiyan Battle of Power gameplay 2

Super Saiyan Battle of Power is a familiar fighting game, which is common on this topic. You will become any character, and then confront the other players in the 1vs1 match. The winner is the one who defeats the opponent. In battles like this, your skills and ability to handle situations always are an important role, deciding the outcome of the game.

Control system is relatively simple. The four virtual keys on the left of the screen let you control the character up, down, left and right. Besides, you can use the special skills of the character through five virtual keys on the right. You must pay attention to your energy bar. The more skill power you have, the more energy you spend, so you have to use the skill appropriately.

A fighting game doesn’t have too many modes. You can choose either PvP or PvE mode. These two modes are quite similar, differing only in your opponent. In PvP mode, you can challenge other players connected via the Internet. Beat them and show who is the best player in Super Saiyan Battle of Power.

Familiar characters

You can meet all the familiar characters you used to like in the past such as Songoku, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Android, Vegeta, … even Kame Turtle master. Each character has the correct skills for their power. However, I feel the game slightly prioritises the power of Super Saiyan. Anyway, the feeling of being in control of the characters I love is great. The publisher will also be updating more interesting characters in upcoming releases. You wait and see.

Simple GraphicsSuper Saiyan Battle of Power graphics

Super Saiyan Battle of Power reminds me of the four-button games of the past, such as Contra, Mario and more. The graphics are based on simple 2D platforms but still attractive. Their characters and skills are simulated in the same way as the original. You will like it


Overall, this is a fairly successful Dragon Balls game by the publisher Gamer Mind. The gameplay is simple but never outdated. If you are a Dragon Balls fan, you can not miss this game.

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