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What are you looking for? A game to entertain, or to train your tactics? Choose survival games like PUBG for example. There are many other stand-alone games like PUBG, but it’s free, giving you a new mobile experience. And the Survival Squad, a new game that appears on Google Play and the App Store, is a game like that.

There are a lot of PUBG games on both iOS and Android platforms such as Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Knives Out (by Neteast), Free Fire (by 111dots), and many other fun games that I can not remember the name. In general, every developer knows how to create unique new points for their products in the context of having too many similar games. And the PUBG storm does not seem to want to stop, more powerful when every new PUBG Mobile game released and Survival Squad is like that, sure that you will have the feel of PUBG when participating in this game.

Survival Squad gameplay

The Survival Squad begins with a familiar scenario: taking part in the battle with 99 other players after leaving the military plane to a large island. In this place, you will collect equipment and weapons at random locations on the map to be able to fight other players, trying to become the last survivor. In general, the gameplay of this game is nothing new and resembles most other games of the same type.

Game modes

Although only in beta testing, this game still allows players to participate in 3 basic game modes.

  • Single player mode: Auto-pair with 99 other players.
  • Double Match: Automatically sorts you into random teams
  • Fighting mode: Invite friends to form teams and help each other in the battle to survive.

Weapons & Equipment

Survival Squad weapons

Starting with an empty backpack, you will have to move to any location on the map to search for support for yourself. It is very difficult to survive with the hands while other players try to equip themselves to the teeth.

While it is not possible to bring a variety of gadgets such as PUBG in a mobile game, the Survival Squad is still full of the most popular weapons such as SK12, SCAR-L, and UMP9. Besides, support items are dropped at any location on the game map such as viewfinder, silencer, armor, grenade launcher, delivery box …


Survival Squad

Although the gameplay is not new, the graphics of the game are worth mentioning. The graphics style is very much reminiscent of PUBG, which is made in a very subtle and beautiful way. Even if you use a large screen to play games, the game also brings the image that you will not believe it is a mobile game.

The models of houses, trees, vehicles are made to resemble the most realistic. The 360 ° view allows you to view the surroundings easily. Also, the movement of the game character is quite authentic, you will feel this when directly play.

There will still be 3 levels of graphics quality to customize the player even though the game’s size is quite large. If you want to experience the power of graphics, you can choose the highest level. Or if you want to have a smoother experience when the machine configuration is not too stable, you can reduce the quality of graphics down to medium or low. Graphics quality will be reduced slightly, but you will have a better game experience.

The other players generally commented that the graphics of the game very well, but there are opinions that the map load speed of Survival Squad is too slow, FPS view is not optimized. But perhaps the player will not need to worry much because the game is still in beta and will definitely improve when it’s officially released.


There are too many PUBG Mobile, so there is not much to say about this game. In my opinion, even though the Survival Squad is currently unable to pass the Rules of Survival in detail, it still deserves a try. Survival Squad has support for both Android and iOS platforms, you can download the game to experience through the links below.

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  • Google Play