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  • Platforms: Android 4.2+ iOS 8.0+
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PUBG is sweeping across all platforms. At this time, in the application market, PUBG mobile games are taking up the TOP positions as Battle Royale, Bullet Strike, Free Fire, Knives Out or Rules of Survival … Most of these game titles are developed by NetEase. It’s a beautiful 3D platform, nice gameplay, and it looks like NetEase has yet to stop. From now on, any player who owns a mobile phone can download Survival Royale for free and experience it right now. I can not understand what’s going on anymore, so many PUBG Mobile’s, and this number seems to have not stopped.

No problem, game launches, we keep playing. In fact, Survival Royale is the version of the “milling” of Knives Out known in the Chinese market under the name Terminator 1. However, this upgrade brings gamers a new interface and system. Server seems more stable, providing a better quality experience for the community. Most of the game images are also tweaked in color, increasing the contrast to help players locate enemies easier. Survivor Royale offers a number of interesting modes for you to enjoy while fighting alone, setting up a team of two to four easily in the game. With a total of 100 players per game, it will be as enjoyable as PUBG on PC.

Last man standing gameplay

Survivor Royale 2

When you join the game, you will have to create a character, be it male or female. You will be introduced to the content of the game and what you need to do. Quite simply, there are 100 players involved in the battle and you will have to try to survive, destroying all the other players to become the last survivor. Start each battle, play with all the other players, you and all without weapons, all them parachuting to the island. Then you will have to find and pick up the weapons, ammunition scattered randomly through the area in different houses. There are many different weapons from rifles, pistols, grenades …

While moving in the war, you can collect equipment or various types of vehicles such as cars and ships to bring the greatest advantage to you. If you encounter enemies, do not hesitate to destroy them or you will die. After destroying an enemy, do not forget to loot all of your weapons and equipment, get anything useful, they will help you when needed!

The game has 3 modes to choose from when playing. If you like alone, choose Solo. If you want to have a friend during the journey, choose Duo. If you want to have a team, do not be afraid to choose the Squad.

Survivor Royale

3D graphics

With the inner soul of Knives Out / Terminator 1, Survival Royale still brings gamers a large map where 100 players play together. The only goal of the game is to find the last survivor and advance your observation skills, move as well as take advantage of opportunities at all times. Survival Royale also owns the leading 3D graphics platform, letting gamers see a vivid scene with detailed models.

Graphics are still pretty nice, of course you can customize the graphics to suit your device for the smoothest gaming experience. If you encounter any problems with the graphics, do not forget to read how to fix lag.

Survivor Royale 3


Note that to play Survivor Royale gamers need to own memory from 3GB RAM and more to experience the advantages of this game. The download size of Survivor Royale is 50MB, but the extraction of resources will be up to 500MB, so you need to prepare enough memory to install the game. The game has officially appeared all over the world.

Survivor Royale supports for both Android (version 4.2 or up, APK available) and iOS (version 8.0 or later), you can download via the links below.

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