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Tales of Gaia story

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Dark and Light was a popular PC game a few years ago. The mobile version of this game called Tales of Gaia is about to be released. However, the publisher of Snail Games has announced that they will only release the game in China. This has made many players feel disappointed. According to the latest news, Snail Games has finally officially released the global version of the game. This is really good news for the gamers community around the world.


Tales of Gaia gameplay

I like RPG games from China because many games have a great and epic plot, portraying most of the content in the game. Players feel like getting lost in the myths. Background of the game in the vast kingdom of Gaia. From the beginning, a God created the kingdom of Gaia and gave life to all. He is called The Creator. He divided the kingdom into nine different lands. Another God governed each land. However, The Creator feared that someday, human greed would destroy this land. He created the Ancient Dragon and sealed them on the moon.

However, this has accidentally brought disaster to the kingdom of Gaia. The dragons have secretly learned the forbidden magic on it. They break the seal, go back to Gaia and attack humans. They kill those who do not submit. Humans then have to seek the gods to ask for help. The Creator immediately created a special power, however, only given the most worthy knight. Who will be able to destroy the dragon? What will happen to Gaia? Only you have the answer.

Characters & Gameplay

Tales of Gaia characters

The gameplay of Tales of Gaia is similar to other RPGs in the market, such as Final Fantasy Dimensions II. First, you will be selecting one of the characters. In addition to the strong fighters, the game has a lot of other interesting characters, from the sorceress to the cute girl. There are dozens of characters, divided into 4 races and 8 different power classes. Then, you will choose either Light or Shadow to fight. This battle is very diverse because of the participation of many different races such as Fairy, Dwarf, monsters, …

In general, RPG games often revolve around some basic activities such as fighting, killing bosses, doing missions, and so on. And Tales of Gaia also has the same gameplay. The game is unique in the dungeon mode. You can team up with over 40 other players to defeat the giant bosses in the game. Animals that are deities in Western mythology look very interesting. They may be dragons, phoenixes, unicorn, dinosaurs and more.

Tales of Gaia gameplay 1

Besides, you are also interacting with a lot of other players. Fight with them or exchange equipment, invite them to the dungeon. The game has a Guild system where people can connect to each other, creating a strong alliance. Win all opponents to become the strongest knight in PvP mode.

The vast world

You do not feel bored about this game because the world in this game is vast, you will constantly complete the missions in various places. I have played many times but have not explored all of Gaia in this game.

High-quality graphics

Tales of Gaia graphic

Tales of Gaia can be said to be one of the most beautiful graphics games in the current action role-playing game on the market. Big space, epic style. The effect of the character’s magic is very virtual. When you fight, thunder, fire,… makes the game more fierce. The publisher has maximum support for players to experience the game smoothly, avoiding lag. However, high ping status sometimes appears.


Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality action game, Tales of Gaia can meet your expectations. Not too new but this game is a very attractive game. Moreover, the game is entirely free. You can download Tales of Gaia via the links below.

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