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If you have a passion for Tamagotchi, why not try to spend $ 4 to download Tamagotchi Classic, a game that turns your smartphone into a Tamagotchi device.

Tamagotchi is the name of a game that every youngster knows. Introduced from Japan, a land of many innovations, Tamagotchi brought a simple idea to trending in Vietnam and many countries in the 90s by selling more than 80 million copies worldwide. However, at the present time, it is very difficult and expensive to find a good Tamagotchi device, most of us will need to spend a few $ to buy a machine from Japan, or at the specialized stores that shipping from Japanese.

Then if you have the passion and want to find the old memories with Tamagotchi, why not try to spend $ 4 to download Tamagotchi Classic, a game that turns the smartphone into a Tamagotchi device. I will share with you the reasons you should not skip this game.

Refind your childhood

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The name of the game has it all, Tamagotchi Classic is the revival of the classic Tamagotchi on the smartphone. The mechanism within the Tamagotchi Classic is retained in the most original way possible. This means, with just three simple buttons, A, B, C, you can interact, take care of and do lots of activities with Tamagotchi just like raising a pet. And then Tamagotchi will ask for many things with the beep “beep” when not meeting its needs.

Tamagotchi’s excellent point is to convey an emotional delight from the digital pet care, as it is simpler, less expensive and less hassle than having a real pet. The Tamagotchi pet themselves also have very lively habits, as well as eat, sleep … In terms of experience and feel of playing Tamagotchi Classic, gamers no longer have to spend money looking for any real Tamagotchi device, because the experience on the phone is enough.

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Although it’s just a simple game, Tamagotchi still has a strange vitality from its meager functions. Revived by a notable company like Namco Bandai, Tamagotchi is now, even more, fun to have a lot of extra stuff that the old version does not have, while not changing the core gameplay. These include:

  • The game allows to change between two modes, one is full-screen mode, the other mode displays a Tamagotchi device in the middle.
  • You can take the pets once in the gallery to review them.
  • There are different types of Tamagotchi pets to unlock
  • Tamagotchi pets have color, and when they evolve they will change color randomly.
  • Players do not need to press the hole in Tamagotchi device to get new Tamagotchi when the old one has gone. It can be reset quickly by pressing the A and C buttons or press the reset button in the Menu.
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Say it again, if you are a fan of simple things nostalgic, Tamagotchi Classic seems to have achieved all the criteria. But recent Tamagotchi has very interesting functions that will never appear in the Classic.

With a very cheap $ 1 for the iOS version or $ 4 for the Android version, readers will be able to save a pile of money and time, but still, experience the feel of feeding a virtual pet funny. Tamagotchi Classic is a game that retains its original identity, while also possessing new functions to make it more lively and rich. However, the lack of color and the lack of new functionality will be the weakness that many gamers ignore this game!

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And right now, you can download the Tamagotchi Classic game on your device to experience. The game supports Android (2.3 and up), or iOS (10.0 or later) and you can even play it on your Apple Watch.

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