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Team Guardian graphics

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In the genre of the game genres, maybe MMORPG always captured the love of most gamers, including yourself. This is where gamers can indulge in virtual worlds in the game through fierce battles. Just enjoying the firefight between the characters, just adventures in the colourful virtual world is really an interesting experience. Now let’s take a look at a great action game released by MOBIRIX called Team Guardian.

Plot of the game

Team Guardian

The plot of the game tells a story about 5000 years ago, in the kingdom of Ceirun. This is where the boundary between the two worlds is bright and dark. The governor of the land was the Goddess Freyja, who gave all the wealthy people happiness and happiness over thousands of years. But the peace of Ceirun did not last long. One day, the demon goddess Harmagedon El Gout brought the evil legion from hell to destroy the land of Ceirun, conquering the mystical powers. Humans can not prevent the supernatural powers possessed by demons. Ceirun quickly devastated. Fortunately, the Goddess Freyja has returned to command the human race against the devil. The battle is fierce, in the decisive moment, the Goddess Freyja opens the gate of time, bringing all the demons back to hell. However, the Freyja Goddess’s body was shattered into hundreds of pieces, scattered across the kingdom of Ceirun. Things have not stopped here, 5000 years later, Harmagedon El Gout has returned to his devil army, determined to destroy Ceirun again. No longer the Goddess Freyja, mankind must protect life itself. Is there any hope for Ceirun?

Transformed into a knight

Team Guardian characters

In Team Guardian, you are reincarnated as a knight in the kingdom of Ceirun, bringing destiny to destroy the devil, protect the peace of the kingdom. This game has over 20 characters with completely different powers for you to experience. You should look at the scoreboard to see the strengths and weaknesses of each character, making it easier for you to choose a character that suits your style of play. The basic power classes are gunners, gladiators, wizards, … You can own multiple characters at once, but only select one character to participate in the battle in the game. In particular, there is a character with the ability to become a giant tiger, looks extremely powerful and scary.

Easy operation

Team Guardian control

With role-playing games, I prefer to play on a PC, because on the PC we can perform many complex operations, various in the combat mechanics. Sure, Team Mobile on a mobile platform will not be as detailed as on a PC, but enough to make you happy. The virtual key system of the game is also very intuitive, not too unfamiliar to the fans of the role-playing action game. Each character will have three skills at the same time. Make beautiful combo, effectively to wipe out monsters that are blocking your way. Besides, Team Guardian also supports Auto Attack feature. This is very suitable for lazy players (like me). However, want to be the equipment crisis, you have to hand against the formidable Boss in the game. When fighting, do not forget to pick up the chests on the way. They will provide you with a good amount of gold and equipment.

Many game modes

Team Guardian gameplay

If you do not like the story mode, then Team Guardian still has plenty of other attractive modes for you to beat. Get to the Forgotten Golden City area; you can participate in real-time PvP battles with other players to show off your great skills.

Do you feel sad when you play alone? Do not worry, because Team Guardian support players to exchange, make friends through the guild system or chat. You can freely talk and exchange items with other players while standing in the same area. You will find a lot of interesting friends after playing Team Guardian.

Graphics are okay

Team Guardian graphics

In addition to the appealing gameplay, the graphics are a plus from Team Guardian. Developed in 3D, the characters in the game is beautifully polished, true beyond the similar MMORPG game titles. I am really impressed with the characters in the game, especially when fighting looks extremely strong and cool. The skill of the characters is also very popular.

Hopefully, Team Guardian will create a new dimension in the growing gaming industry. You can download Team Guardian APK via the links below, which supports both iOS and Android platforms.

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