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Tekken mobile

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In addition to the names that have been known for centuries, such as The King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Dear or Alive, Tekken is one of the names is known to be one of the first antagonistic games to feature 3D graphics, an entertaining half-hearted plotline, gameplay open and break. The game first debuted in 1994 and quickly created a fever that signalled the brilliant start of a top-notch fighting game. Tekken has come out in season 7 with many minor releases and has yet to stop.

Tekken mobile

It has been launch for a long time, supporting a lot of platforms and gaining countless successes. But what Tekken lacks is a phone version. Bandai knew this and they decided to bring Tekken to the mobile platform called Tekken Mobile. This game is a mixture of many features of the previous version. Here players will encounter many familiar characters such as Kazuya Mishima, Paul, Lily, Asuka … and will certainly find a piece of childhood when launching the familiar combo skills of the characters in the environment beautiful 3D graphics and impressive.

Until Tekken Mobile appeared, I still can not believe that one day, I can play Tekken on the phone. It can be said that putting the Tekken on the phone is a wise step and consistent with the current trend. Tekken Mobile is available on both Android and iOS platforms, let’s take a look at the highlights of the game before playing.


As for the plot, Tekken Mobile revolves around solving the resentment of three Mishima clans, Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin Kazama – the conflict has lasted since the first version to date and explains the source of the Devil Gene, which helps Kazuya and Jin can transform into a demon with great power.


Tekken Mobile

Because of the mobile platform, Tekken Mobile’s combat mechanism is not the same as the console. Tekken Mobile will no longer use virtual keyboards and virtual joysticks as the usual mobile version, but instead, touch or swipe the screen to control the character’s movement, attack as well as run a combo, much like the control mechanism of Mortal Kombat Mobile. Players will select the skills before entering the battle. Attack orders by activating the skills at the bottom of the screen. Players can create many beautiful combos by changing the order of activation skills. You have to upgrade your character (stats and skills) to make sure that they will become stronger. Despite the new combat mechanism designed, Tekken is still full of aggressive combat of the PC / Console version.

In terms of special skills, Tekken Mobile gives players the ability to activate character’s skills via their cards, just press to see the character launching skills or rush to the enemy and punch back up. Witnessing the combat phase like this really gamers like to feel the power transmitted through hands, as powerful as the skills in the PC / Console.

Game modes

Tekken mobile offers three main game modes, including Story Mode, Dojo Challenge, and Live Events.

Tekken Mobile 3

In Story Mode mode, players will be able to explore the world in Tekken, transform into the legendary Kazuya Mishima and fight through various battles to understand the plot of the game. Players will gain experience and rewards to be able to upgrade their characters, as you will later have to deal with powerful bosses.

Dojo Challenge – Online Versus Battles, players will have to build a squad to fight with other players. A competitive online arena to win the highest ranking and receive valuable rewards for the worthy. In addition, the Tekken Mobile also has events, activities that take place every day to help gamers receive attractive rewards.

Characters system

According to rumours from Bandai Namco, Tekken Mobile will have more than 100 characters with different fighting styles, with 20 special combat skills for each character to upgrade.

Tekken Mobile 2


Talking about graphics, Tekken Mobile also has a great graphics platform … well beyond any competitive game at the moment. Whether the model is a character or arena is expressed in great detail, detailing each pattern on the clothes or muscles on the body of the gladiator. Say no more when this version of Tekken wrapped up its coat of graphics as a genuine Console product, proving itself to be a name that can not be ignored.

Is Tekken Mobile a worthy game?

The attractive antagonistic play, beautiful 3D graphics are short words when talking about Tekken Mobile. I really like the way Bandai created this game, and bring it to the mobile platform. In personal opinion, Tekken Mobile is really a game worth playing.

Tekken has been officially released on both iOS and Android platforms. You can download the game via the link below. If you use iOS, you can choose the App Store, but if using Android, you have two options are download from Google Play or install directly from the APK file.

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