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If you are too bored with platformer games with simple gameplay, not too hard to pass, why not try Temple of Spikes: The Legend? This is a new game has just arrived in the mobile game market not long ago, possessing simple gameplay but to be able to pass the screen is not easy at all.

The journey of discovery

Temple of Spikes The Legend

The original version of the game was released on PC through Steam, Temple of Spikes: The Legend inherited almost all the content and features in the PC version. In it, the player will play an adventurer stepping into the dark dungeons with a series of deadly traps appear extremely unexpected.

Interesting gameplay

Temple of Spikes The Legend 2

Overall, the gameplay of Temple of Spikes is simple. All that the player must do be is just … move. You need to move so skillfully to dodge the bricks from the ground up or down from the sky and collect the stars or diamonds suddenly appear in the temple. Pay attention, because every brick in the temple hides a sharp blade that can kill your life at any time if not careful.

Using the virtual navigation keys on the screen to control the character movement, players need to have a good ability to reflect and a very high patience to not make your phone “fly” straight on the wall. Depending on the level of each round, the speed and the process of falling, soaring of dangerous bricks will be more difficult, faster, sometimes mixed together to increase the challenge.

Reminiscent of legends

Temple of Spikes The Legend 3
Temple of Spikes The Legend 4

In addition, the game is designed with pixel-based graphics, reminiscent of the familiar feel of classic games in the past. The ancient buildings, secret dungeons in the game reminds me a lot of the legendary Diamond Rush.

With more than 30 challenging levels designed exclusively for hardcore gamers who want to conquer the challenges that few people can overcome, Temple of Spikes: The Legend is one of the best examples. Currently, the mobile version of the game has been released on the App Store and Google Play for the Android / iOS platform, if you use Android, iPhone or iPad, you can visit the URLs below to download.

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