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Bluehole Studio has recently become famous for PUBG’s launch, but few know that six years ago there was another hit game that was still active up until now. It’s a fantasy-themed MMORPG and a tribal war with mythical creatures, TERA.

TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) is an extremely addictive PC MMORPG with beautiful graphics, multiple character classes to choose from. In the game, you can explore the world by flying in the sky. Or maybe with other players destroy the strongest monsters in the most dangerous areas of the game. TERA is full of the best features of an MMORPG such as mission, the variety of equipment and character development. The battles in TERA are designed in a Non-Target style in the 3rd view. As of March 2017, this game has reached 25 million players around the globe.

Based on the success of TERA, Netmarble has developed Tera M (테라 M) with the strategy of “set foot” on the fertile mobile market. And Tera M is their first solid step. Evidence that in just 4 days, the pre-registration number of this game has reached 500,000. Why is Tera M a solid step? I will answer this question through the following review.

Tera M is a story about 1000 years ago, in a mythical world in which different factions and races fought against each other for power. There are a lot of people falling down, and those who are under the power of change from a hero become a criminal.


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After participating in Tera M, you can choose one of the six character classes to play: Elin – Priest, Human (male) – Slayer, Human (female) – Brawler, Aman (male) – Lancer, High Elf ( female) – Archer, Popori – Alchemist. In it, each character has a distinct set of skills. You can select any character class that matches your gameplay, and you can change between character classes, however, this feature is not stated.

Tera M’s gameplay is similar to other MMOs, and the combat system is designed as non-target, allowing the player to select the desired target. The combat interface is optimized for the player, virtual keys, and joystick to controlling the characters can be easily manipulated. The game also features auto support during busy times.

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While other games focus on equipment and combat power, Tera M goes against them. This game requires the same control techniques from the players.


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Taking advantage of the Unreal Engine 4 graphics platform, and the 360-degree viewing angle, Tera M is extremely high quality, just like its predecessor. The characters are beautifully designed, hot with the smoothest, most realistic movements. Besides, the scenery and objects in the game are also meticulously and detailed. In battles, you will experience beautiful effects coming from the skills.

Not only that, when playing Tera M, you can change the 360-degree camera angle, you can admire the open world at any desired angle. Now you can go anywhere in the vast Tera M world by riding or flying.

Another thing I think I can not say is that you can customize the shape of your character. Although not as custom as the Blade & Soul, you will also have more than 10 options for each part of your body such as hair, eyes, face shape, body shape.

The mega server system is invested

According to Netmarble, Tera M will use Megaserver, a technology that connects multiple servers simultaneously, allowing hundreds of thousands of players to battle each other on the same server. You can freely play with your friends, do quests, join battlegrounds, GvG and more. Netmarble also shared that Tera M’s servers are 10x the size of Lineage 2 Revolution.

Tera M is really worth playing

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Tera M is built into a deep storyline, while also focusing on PVP and PVE, PVP elements, thus bringing players to exciting stories, fights and more moments stick with friends. Currently, the game has been released in Korea on both iOS and Android platforms, I have tried this game and found it so beautiful and smooth, perhaps Tera M (테라 M) is the new standard on graphics of mobile games when talking about mobile games.

If you are interested and would like to play this game, you can transfer the Apple ID area to Korea to be able to install iOS or install directly from the APK file if using Android.

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