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The Catapult

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Stickman games always have something simple, friendly and attractive to any player. These games often combine fun and action, the characters of the game looks simple, just simple hand-drawn strokes made of circles and lines. In the past, stickman games were so attractive that almost every kid ever played or knew them. Games usually have only minimalistic 2D graphics, more focused on gameplay.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to another good stickman game on the Appstore and Google Play charts in the US. It’s The Catapult, a counter-attacking game by BYV released on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.


The Catapult

In The Catapult, you will have to control the stickman to defend his castle by using a catapult
to fire at the enemy before they attack you. Enemies sometimes appear alone, sometimes as an army depending on your current level. But one thing in common is that the higher the level, the harder it is. When an enemy is destroyed, another enemy will appear and continue to attack you.

The control mechanism of The Catapult is quite simple, similar to the gameplay of Angry Bird 2. The only difference is that the game does not split the game into the stages, you fight until death. You will have to control the catapult with enough angles and firepower to attack the enemy. With the intuitive operation, you will simply touch the screen to select the power and angle of the shot and remove your hands from the screen to kick assault.

The Catapult 2

When attacking an enemy, you will earn coins. This money will help you to upgrade your ammo, buy grenades. Also, you can earn coins when you hit the blackbirds with gold coins flying in the sky.


Relatively simple, the game screen is pretty cool with just a few buttons on the screen. The game focuses on physical simulation effects, so you’ll see the motion of the stones firing out in real, respecting gravity and inertia. The stickman has a simple black design, also different from the vibrant color of the rest.


The Catapult 3

In addition to the personal game mode, the game also has 2 Players mode that allows 2 players at the same time so you can compare with friends. Of course, whoever destroys more enemies will be the last winner.

I put The Catapult in the list of casual games quite simple but not easy to play a bit. You will have to angle and exact force to be able to knock down the enemy as quickly as possible before being attacked because there will be no chance for you to do again.

The Catapult is quite lightweight and supports both iOS and Android mobile platforms. In particular, iOS 7.0 and Android 4.0 devices and above are eligible for this game.

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